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Author of Salvos
Royal Road is the best place for web fiction for both authors and readers alike. Thanks to Royal Road, I managed to become a full time author even while in University.
Author of Azarinth Healer
Royal Road not only provided a ton of entertainment, but a passion for gamelit that somehow manifested in my own writing and now full time job. From lurker to author, this site and its stories have meant a lot to me and I'm excited to be along for the ride.
Author of The Primal Hunter
Publishing on Royal Road has allowed me to escape the cruel corporate world where pants-wearing is mandatory to now embrace my hermit lifestyle that does not require pants.
Blaise Corvin
Royal Road was one of the best places I could ever post my story and find a home as a writer. It has been instrumental for building my audience.
Royal Road made my writing career. From endless stories to read and get inspired from, to a platform that let me establish and grow a reader base, Royal Road is the single reason I now get to call myself a professional writer.