Where reputation is user driven, experience is automatically awarded for completing actions and achieving milestones on the site. There are many ways to get experience on Royal Road, they are listed below in no particular order.

·         Logging in (or just visiting if you are always logged in) daily to Royal Road

·         Gaining Reputation levels

·         Giving Reputation to users

·         Commenting on fictions

·         Making, and voting on reviews

·         Referring new users to Royal Road

·        Gaining new achievements*

Note that the higher or harder an achievement is to obtain, the more experience will be rewarded. This also goes for reputation levels.

The experience rewards are purely cosmetic, and more visible than the reputation rewards. Where reputation decides the gem of your border, it is experience that decides what border you can use. Exceptions are the premium borders, those are separate. See the Border Listing.

The borders obtainable via leveling up are the following.


Level 1 is the top left, with levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 below it. Level 6 through 10 are in the next column and so on all the way to level 30. As you earn more borders, you can switch between them here Border Management page.