Optimize the Reading Experience

The Chapter Reader is where you will spend most your time, we tried to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible with customization in mind.

Reader preferences

At the top of every chapter page, there is the reader preference button. Selecting this will open a floating window with all reader settings we currently offer.


These options are stored locally and do not transfer to your other logged in devices. 

Global Theme

The first option is the Global Theme, meaning that changing this setting in the reader settings will change the theme for the entire site.

Background Dim

The background dim option relates to the background visible on the left and right side of the reader if there is spare space on your screen. Here is an example showing the effects of 0% to 100% background dim.


Font Size

Font Size changing is supported from 10 to 32. Actual size will differ based on zoom levels and screen size. Larger font size also increases paragraph size and page length.

Reader Width

The reader width decides how much of the reader area gets used for text from 100% (Full Width) to 50%. A narrower width also increases page length and paragraph height.


We also offer multiple fonts to choose from, some with focus on accessibility and others based on personal preference.


Of these options, Open Dyslexic and Atkinson Hyperlegible are focused and designed for providing readers with dyslexia or bad sight a better reading experience. Default is your default browser font and the other options are up to personal preference.

There is also the option to strip custom color and fonts that authors may have selected during the writing. This can be done using the buttons to the right of the font selector.



The option to force or remove indentations at the start of a paragraph is offered. The leftmost option being remove, center being author’s choice, rightmost being force indentation. 


Reader Color

Separate from the global theme, we also offer multiple local reader themes. These override global defaults but only apply on the chapter pages.


Theme default uses either White or Royal Road Dark depending on if you use the global Light or Dark theme. The OLED Black option is added as an option to offer true black backgrounds for the reader to avoid burn-in on OLED screens. The remaining options are up to personal preference.

Paragraph Spacing

The final option offered is the Paragraph Spacing. This option ranges from 0 to 50 and decides the space between Paragraphs. 0 means no spacing, which makes it one continuous page of text.