Major Rules of Royal Road

If you read nothing else in the help pages, read this and avoid getting in trouble on Royal Road. Some of these rules are repeated in other sections of the help pages they pertain to, but we've gathered all of the rules in one place for you to keep in mind.

  1. Hate speech and pedophilia of any kind are prohibited in all areas of the site, including within fictions that have mature tags.
  2. Manipulating fiction scores and rankings is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to, creating alternate accounts to rate multiple times and trading high ratings with other users.
  3. Insulting and attacking other users is not allowed. You can disagree, but be polite and civil.
  4. Plagiarism is not allowed. If you are writing a fanfiction, make sure it is appropriately tagged and give credit to whoever created the original story. If you have already published your fiction elsewhere and are moving to Royal Road, please follow the instructions on our Migrating From Another Site page.
  5. No spam. This includes links to other sites for no reason, nonsense posts, and repeat posts in multiple forums.
  6. Political and religious discussions are not allowed anywhere on the site. It just creates too many ill feelings, and our site is not the place to argue about these topics.
  7. Profanity and sexual content. Avoid using profanity and sexually explicit language unless your Fiction is tagged with the warning. Even then, the content must be within appropriate limits. Read up on the rules regarding Mature Content at
  8. No derogatory English. This is a website dedicated to writing, and as such we want to uphold our users to a certain quality and allow them to improve. However, when someone uses derogatory English [writ lik dis] they are purposely trying to worsen the quality which is the opposite of what we wish (which is for our users to improve). Therefore if anyone uses derogatory English, their posts will be considered as spam/trolling and will be addressed accordingly.

If you see any content that violates these rules, please report it by clicking the appropriate [Report] button beside the post, comment, or fiction.