Premium Service

We have both a monthly and yearly subscription-based premium service available. This service's primary aim is simple: to provide an alternate way to support the site's development and get an advertisement-free experience.

Reader Premium

This is the basic subscription for Royal Road users who want an ad-free browsing experience and push notifications (for convenience), as well as some vanity features:

  • Ad-Free Experience 
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Badge
  • Golden Post Border
  • Full Reading History
  • Monthly Avatar Border
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Custom Profile Header
  • Support Royal Road!

Author Premium

Our Author Premium subscription has been created with one goal in mind: to provide our authors with high-level tools and data at a low price, which could amount to a much larger expense without our subscription support. For example, analytics requires dedicated machines to gather, store, analyze, and serve the data. 

  • Everything From Reader Premium
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Review Push Notifications
  • Customizable Fiction Header
  • Epub Export
  • Find & Replace
  • Automatic Draft Saving
  • Chapter Import 
  • Collaborators 

Other services in the works for this tier will only be listed after they stop being in the testing stage.


The Premium service can be accessed using the following link:

The subscription can be monthly or yearly, which you can decide by choosing the relevant tab in the top right corner of the pricing. The yearly price on both tiers of the premium is the equivalent of 10 months, giving you 2 months for free.

The payments and the subscription itself is handled through PayPal. This means that you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe anytime directly through your PayPal account.


To Unsubscribe from the Premium service, go to your settings, then to the premium tab, then click 'Unsubscribe'. 

If you can't find the page or are unable to unsubscribe for some reason, don't hesitate to make a new support ticket at with the category "Payments," and we will help you as soon as possible.