In order to add a [Donation] request using Paypal or Patreon to your fiction page.

  1. You need to go to your Donation Settings in the author dashboard
  2. Add URLs of your donation button for PayPal or the link to your Patreon Page in the required fields.  

Royal Road does not take any percentage of these donations, they are held externally via PayPal and Royal Road doesn't hold any responsibility for them.

The [Donation] bar will appear at the bottom of all chapters on approved fiction as well as on the Fiction page.

  • Royal Road may revoke donation privileges at its own discretion.


Q: Are there any requirements for requesting donations?

A: We have currently disabled Donations for any and all Fanfiction.

Q: My fiction is complete. Can I still request donations?

A: As long as it fits all requirements, yes.

Q: I’m underage, can I still request donations?

A: Unfortunately, PayPal’s current policy is that only members that are 18 years of age and older are allowed to receive donations. This is something we can’t influence.