Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make it so users have to leave reviews to rate?

There are several problems with making the review content compulsory. It would significantly reduce the number of ratings on the site. This would pose several problems, including:

  • We'd need to remove existing anonymous ratings, as the reduced number of reviews would mean that top list entries would be very, very hard to overcome, if not virtually impossible unless the site's viewership suddenly increased tenfold.
  • At the same time, removing existing ratings would mean that we'd make a gigantic mess of the site. The top list would get completely scrambled, and manipulating the top list would become much easier due to the significantly reduced number of reviews to judge rankings by.

Can I use a copyrighted image as a cover?

No. Unless you contact the artist and ask for permission, or use creative commons pictures instead. Creative Commons provides free artwork, under multiple conditions. You will have to verify for yourself if the artwork that you want to use is available (e.g. give credit to the artist) etc.

If we receive a report that an author has infringed on anyone's copyright, we will take down the work in question.

You can support the author in multiple ways.

  • You can comment on their chapters and give encouraging words.
  • You can give feedback or provide your services (proofreading, artwork) etc.
  • You can promote and recommend their fiction.
  • You can support them financially. If an author desires financial support, they are able to attach a PayPal and Patreon link which appears at the end of their chapters.

Or once an author completes their fiction, they might self-publish, and at that time you can also show your support by buying the book. Alternatively, you could send the author a private message.

Is my story protected by copyright when I post it on Royal Road?

Anything you write is automatically copyrighted by you, but that does not mean it’s registered in your country’s copyright office. You may use [] or other available resources for this.

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