Starts a lot like 'Risou no Himo Seikatsu'

and so far i love what i see (chap 5 so far) here is hopeing it gets alot more political and action packed than 'Risou no Himo Seikatsu' as that one is rather a slow burn with a rather average joe main not that its bad or anthing.

as for the characters the main here is looking to be one that wont take shit as it has already been piled up on him already and havent seen to much of the queen to make a judgement yet.

grammer and spelling can use some touch ups here and there but is readable and enjoyable.

Summoned Hero

 So far i love this light novel/fanfic what ever it wants to be called :P it has a little of everything and i really do mean everything its like a gangbang of different mangas and novels all mixed with a master touch and some T.L&C.


for the style i gave it a 4.5 score since its a mash up of many different things but then again some of the best things come from tried and true formulas


for the story i give it a 5 score since its got ero ... im sorry if someone has enough skill to make me jizz my pants without any touchy touchy can get top marks (chapter 17 holy hell) plus its interesting to see things from the other side of the fence sometimes


for the grammar its alright to a point since im not one to use it my self all that much but when i read something from someone else it drives me mad so its only a 3.5 score on that one since there is a lot of grammar mistakes hell i would love to do some grammar nazi attacks on a few chapters


as for the characters 5 score i love them all for the most part and the MC isn't acting like a b*tch so bonus points for that