by MissSunshine
80 pages

Bastet did not curse at the heavens for his fate, but that is only because he knew that there was no one left up there to be damned. His father had told him many times of the voice from heavens that addressed all of humanity when it declared so. Nobody doubted whom it came from; the voice possessed such an absolute grandness that in comparison to it, everything else shrank to insignificance. Nobody doubted what it said; it was inconceivable that it could lie, for even if it did lie, it seemed natural to everyone that the world would keep rearranging itself until what it said became the truth. The voice proclaimed that it was leaving our world, and that the one who was most worthy would become the new Maker. It declared that such an honor would befall the greatest artist among us. Bastet used to think that it was tragically fitting, for only an artist would tirelessly keep causing him so much grief, finding beauty in it – although now he would not dare to make such a joke.

With the maker gone and no authority to uphold them, the laws of the world crumbled, and the land was swarmed with chaotic horrors, strange mysteries and magic. The absence of a juror only served to make the depraved more depraved, so it was inevitable that the new age would begin with more bloodshed than the previous one. War bred more war while the fields remained unharvested, and after many years, there were fewer mouths to feed, but also less food to do so. 

This is the story of a man who sold his soul for a chance to undo the tragedy that befell him. Having lost his free will, Bastet must serve the ones who kliled his family. He must help them obtain the divine throne, and with it, the magic that would resurrect his loved ones. 

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