Life of a Grimoire

Might change, but solid start

I don't know how to sell this to you without spoilers. There are cliche, maybe. I read those kind so many time it blured.

The story as chapter 18 from I gather : average joe entrusted as a godly System, then he entrust the fate of the world to a book and his trusty OP companion.

Necromancer's Knight: a Light in Death

If you go reading this expecting expansive story with each backstory and clues fully explored, you would solely dissapoint. But if you think it like short movie that suddenly become trending, this totally in that category. It could be explored more, but it does what it want to do until the end. A knight who ressurected and asked for help from little girl.


Did the title read differently when loading page ?

Is it just me or Author going meta and put programming magic into this story title too ?


Oh, the story is good by the way. Best to read on binge in my experience.

I Was a Teenage Necromancer

I'm bias. It's cheesy. Where's my Skeleton Crew ?

I'm following this story for a long time, so I'm having fan glass on in reviewing this. You might strap in because this story invite you for a ride. With your safety belt as your tour guide. It is not a "random lol" story. It is bizzare. It is a reality. It have so many things that refused go into singular genre. All in all pack into 1 story about a teenager who somehow manage to become necromancer. For profit. Oh, some apocalypse also happened to spice things up.

I am a Bug

Accurate spoiler, I'm sure.

When Fate literaly give you a new life, you have no choice but roll with it and join horror movie as the bug.


This bug knows what movie/story he's in and would milk that crawling sensation that you can't get rid off.

Also slice of life. A bugs life.

Champion is Playing

Fun to read. Then I ran out of chapter

This story runs with 2 POV style. One from MC and his limited understanding of situation around him, coupled with something in his story that just seems missing that give you that lost feeling when reading. Then from others POV that just makes it look like he outsmarted everyone involved. It's good story. But not deep/complex one.

Mother of Learning

Need to properly reread this again, but it's good.

I check chapter 1 and it seems to be right with what I remember. This is a story of regular joe in Groundhog Day scenario in fantasy world. He doesn't have the smart, the muscle or the connection. He just have a lot of time. If that were not enough, he is not the MC of Groundhog Day. He's just a tagalong. He can't control when the reset go, since it's not about him.

It's great, it's suspenseful, it's takes time to digest. Take your time reading it and you might add this to one of your pleasant memory.

Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World

I am expecting a broding emo "the life hates me" MC. I'm not expecting hopefull guy trying make the best of the situations. He analize things but not overdoing it. Often goes as doing guy than thinking guy. I like him.


Now, about other characters. Some people hates them because they got to much of screentime. I personally enjoy it just because I like other got time ti be flesh out. To be worth my care, so when they get their life at risk, I'm worried like the MC. Is it to much ? Don't know. Maybe we could get away with using 3rd view to flesh out how this world work rather than using this world resident POV on how they see world work.

Spoiler on some plot


A Snail's Wisdom

Biased for wuxia makes this not 5 stars

Do you know that buddy-buddy cop movie ? Where senior experienced with wild attitude get paired-up with novice by-the-book officer ? Their relation are sorta like that. The senior are begrudgingly teach our MC to reach his potential.

The explosion and slow motion action are still yet be found after 20+ chapter, but we're not even finnished with 1 act yet. So I'm hopping for my Snail explosion in the future.

The Dungeon Calls for a Sage

You need this high of IQ to enter the dungeon

This dungeon having an existential crisis.





See how he strugle to make people smarter to help him find the answer. Well, still not gone that far to making people smarter yet, but it's an option.