1. Any series wherein the MCs powers are based around plant and/or fungi control?

      Able to grow, regrow, heal, mutate and control plantlife?

    2. Know any Marvel Universe/Comic Fanfics wherein Carol Danvers is just Ms Marvel instead of Captain Marvel?

      I prefer the leotard and thighhighs to the jumpsuit and karen haircut

    3. Series wherein the MC is a Summoner and a Harem protagonist, and his summons are his harem?

      Think of it being like Fate Grand Order, but all the servants are just the waifus

    4. How do you write combat in such a way that both sides are intelligent/competent/analytical?

      Closest series I can think of in this regards, is Jujutsu Kaisen, wherein both protagonists and antagonists, in the middle of a fight are able to quickly analyze one another's abilities and come up with (...)

    5. Series wherein characters with Progression/LITRPG/Cultivation/etc based powers are legally enslaved?

      Or subject to a Superhuman Registration Act, which makes it so that they need licenses to keep and/or use said powers and/or are made to fight on behalf of the government/nation's armed forces/law enforcement? (...)

    6. Series wherein the Dungeon is a "Theme Park/Museum/Wildlife Reserve" business?

      As in, to enter and fight monsters and loot stuff, the adventurers have to pay for entry and sign off on things like NOT trying to destroy the dungeon from the outside or going any further than safe for (...)

    7. Series which starts as normal LITRPG/Progression but turns into Harem a volume/arc or two later?

      Yes, I know it sounds dumb and probably would break immersion, but the idea of a series starting off with a guy busy surviving and improving his body, skill and finances and so on. Having to deal with (...)

    8. Re: Any alternatives to Amazon for ebooks?

      Honestly, the publishing industry regardless of Amazon pretty much sucks completely for new authors. From what I've seen the most profitable thing for new authors has been to build up a following and kickstart (...)

    9. Any System Apocalypse's set in non-Modern Earth?

      Like the System suddenly being a thing during the Middle Ages or even in the Bronze Age

    10. Any alternatives to Amazon for ebooks?

      Since their latest update, I more or less stopped buying ebooks from Amazon Mainly because the DRM is now less breakable than before and I like hoarding my media so I won't lose it when I lack internet (...)

    11. Any Eldritch/Lovecraftian Horror-based Magic/Magitek settings/series?

      Basically, any series wherein the stuff you're not supposed to see from other dimensions or even our own causing madness, somehow being turned into "Functional Magic" and it's so common people don't really (...)

    12. Any System Apocalypse With A Harem?

      Optionally, characters also have thoughts on the harem bit, because in-general, most earth societies are monogamous?

    13. Any Multi-World Hopping Series like Kingdom Hearts or Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle?

      Can go either via something like a spaceship or portals/teleportation? Just matters that there's a longterm plot behind the multi-world hopping The worlds do not necessarily need to know of each (...)

    14. LITRPG wherein "equipment" such as Leotards, Chainmail Bikinis, Short Skirts etc are enforced?

      And the System/Magic makes it so that they can defy physics and actually provide more protection than plate mail and somehow be super fast and flexible and perhaps even augment other aspects

    15. Looking for a manga who's name I forgot. It's a Harem involving a male spy living with some female spies.

      They're also his childhood friends and the MC is from a Japan expy, the rest are from other nation-expies

    16. Re: Any "soft" System Apocalypse's? Like Dean Henegar's Tales From The Upgrade, where even rednecks adapt surp(...)

      Just saying, I think Rednecks would adapt very well to a Systempocolpse. The line between Country and Eldritch Horror is way thinner than most city folk realize. No self respecting country boy is going (...)

    17. Re: Any "soft" System Apocalypse's? Like Dean Henegar's Tales From The Upgrade, where even rednecks adapt surp(...)

      Ehem. My world is set after the Conjoining of Spheres or simply the Collapse. A cataclysmic event that shifted the continents of the world violently back into one super continent as an outbreak of monsters (...)

    18. Any Harem series, but the MC actually has to deal with raising a family as a natural consequence and be respo (...)

      Preferably, not too dark and harem doesn't have to be that big, at least 3 ladies