Tower of Cards 1: Spell Thief [A Progression Fantasy]

Tower of Cards 1: Spell (...)
by J Pal
308 pages

No one knows why Gaia's Ark came to Earth, but with it came the secrets of her runic cards.

Almost half a century has passed since prison ships enroute to Australia discovered the mysterious tower. Monarchies, republics, and trading giants came together to build a city around it, and contain the monsters spilling out of the rune-covered structure. The few that dared enter and climb it, learned the magic of Gaia's runic cards. Now, people delve into the tower's depths for fame and fortune or in search of power.

Diya Sen climbs the tower hoping to find clues regarding his missing brother and solve Gaia's mysteries. However, the warring noble houses stand in his way. Only allies and powerful cards will help him overcome obstacles and function outside the nobility's control. His mission won't be easy. Not all cards are made equal and sources of power are outside his—an ordinary man's—reach. If the direct approach won't help Diya achieve his goals perhaps the talents of a Spell Thief will.

This is a rewrite of The Pen Is Mightier. The magic system has been completely changed and the protagonist's fighting style/crafting and everything else is different as a result. There have also been major story point changes. The characters and settings are still mostly the same.


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I Wear It Black - LitRPG Apocalypse

I Wear It Black - LitRPG (...)
by _Fowl_
273 pages


Follow James, corporate slave and obsessed jouster, in his dark journey as he, his sociopathic co-workers, and a powerful stallion are thrust into a violent Tutorial where everyone assembles their own unique class with a myriad of possible builds at their hands. He will learn how to put his lancing skills to use in this hellish landscape as his savior complex and his good intentions are slowly painted black.

Only two chapters a week, around 3k to 4.5k words each. Quality first and foremost.

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Hellion [A Demon Progression Story]

Hellion [A Demon Progression (...)
by Jack0fheart
163 pages

Helios was content with the hand life dealt him. He had a good job, a nice house, and everything he could ever ask for, except a partner to share it with.

One morning, on his usual commute to work that all quickly changed. The earth split open and demons spewed forth from the depths of Hell. Helios watched in abject horror as hapless bystanders were caught in the clutches of demons before being mercilessly torn into pieces. 

And then the sun went out...

Death was only the beginning.

What to expect:

• Takes place in Hell after MC is reincarnated as a demon.

• Progression from the lowest tier of demon society all the way to the upper echelons of Hell.

• Epic battles and fight scenes.

• Explores demonic lore, their physiology and the magic of true names.

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Zane Black (A LITRPG progression fantasy)

Zane Black (A LITRPG (...)
by LyonBemuny
347 pages

Update #3 20th August 2022 - 2 :

Most of the chapters were re-edited. I've fixed even more stuff since their first release. 

This is the first fiction I've ever written. While that doesn't excuse the problems that this story has, I hope that you can be patient with them.

Growing up, death had always surrounded Zane's family. From his parent's sudden demise to his sister's life-threatening ailment, Zane cursed the fact that he was the only one who was spared from Death's clutches.

Being the odd one out, he was given the responsibility of taking care of his dying sister, Jeanne. But despite how hard he had tried to save her, Death was ever so slightly ahead of him.

Yet, the system had other plans for Zane Black. Right after he had lost everything that had mattered in his life, it had chosen the earth as the next planet to be integrated into its ever-growing empire of empowered beings. 

Transported into a new world, filled to the brim with deadly creatures and powerful beings. Will Zane survive the dangers that awaited him?

And even if he lived, what will happen to the old earth that he was destined to return to?

Release schedule : 

At least one chapter will be released every day at 6 : 00 CET

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Re: Apocalypse! He Who Devours Monsters

Re: Apocalypse! He Who (...)
by Biako
249 pages

Lucas Newman, one of the few remaining survivors of the Final Contact lost his life against an incredibly powerful foe all too easily.
Yet fate blessed him with one more chance to do it all again.

Will he try and correct his past mistakes? Save friends he couldn't save, change situations he couldn't manage, and overwrite his doomed future? Or will fate be played the same way again?

Only he knows what is to come next, and only he can change it.

-Great thank you to Jack0fheart for the new book cover, i love it.

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Tales of Alexander: The Ancient Bloodline

Tales of Alexander: The (...)
by Riz Tales
386 pages

In a world where bloodline and talent determined everything magic-related, Alexander seemed to get everything needed for a prosperous future by being born from a prestigious family on his mother’s side. However, with an unknown biological father, after his mother, Isabella, rebelliously found a lover at a very young age, Alexander’s body was ‘tainted’ with a mysterious mana curse that prevented his body from absorbing mana. Despite countless attempts at dispelling the curse, nothing worked.

Years after Alexander’s birth, his mother managed to marry Duke Kallis out of love, and he’d become a strict but loving father that treats him the same as his step-siblings. Penelope and Eliot, children who lost their mother tragically to illness, now gained an unexpected brother who they only started accepting after the birth of their half-sister Elena. Their relationship was everything except normal, making even their conversations awkward at times. It didn’t help that Alexander was ridiculed by everyone outside the family for being the black sheep, a reputation that followed him throughout his life.

While his siblings proved to be generational talents, even among the strongest in the world, managing to form mana cores at an extremely young age, Alexander only dreamed of having magic. However, as fate would have it, Alexander’s future was bound to change when he met a mysterious individual who claimed he could help him.

Tales of Alexander: The Ancient Bloodline is a fantasy novel that allows us to explore the world of Gaia through Alex’s countless journeys. Hope you enjoy, and see you on the other side!

Schedule: Tuesday & Saturday 1:15 PM EST / 7:15 CET

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The Systemic Lands (Dark Progressive LITRPG)

The Systemic Lands (Dark (...)
by MisterVii
802 pages

Michael must survive a fake world, he and other people from Earth have been teleported to.

Struggling to survive with his weight and fear. Michael must try and figure out the mysteries of this new world he is stuck in. 

The other people transported to the empty stone city, the monsters outside, and the mysterious System Store are all threats or opportunities in equal measure.

The Systemic Lands is a Dark Progressive LITRPG. Taking a grittier approach to the survival progression story, when the main character isn't a super athlete ready to go at a moment's notice.

The unique setting moves away from any of the standard tropes of a LITRPG setting and takes on the air of a true mystery. While a slower start as Michael gets his bearings, there is clear progression, stats, and power levels. Avoiding the info dumps of boxes, The Systemic Lands excels at people using knowledge of game mechanics to try and figure out how things work.


Updates Daily at 7 PM EST, Patreon 40+ Chapters Ahead

Free Reference Information on Patreon: SPOILERS Chapter and Information Links SPOILERS

Discord: Discord (Let me know if this stops working!)

General Image Credit: General images are by Pixabay from KELLEPICS.

Cover Credit: Cover and other art by Zonked Eye

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Caged Worlds: Breakout

Caged Worlds: Breakout (...)
by Sortis
409 pages

A Progression LitRPG sprinkled with Cultivation, VR, and AI.

Character is destiny, so they say.

From an orphan to a gang leader. From the best assassin of Earth to the biggest enigma of Elisium. Ethan, the boy who one day will be known through all the realms under the vast cosmos, originally, didn't want any of it.

Yet, life never cared about the wants of an individual. Destiny was beyond that. The good thing was, with an AI to help, magic at his command, and stubbornness engraved in his will, he was planning to visit the beyond. 

Come and see the journey of the void assassin and the necromancer mantis as they pry into the secrets that no one should. Will they survive after opposing god-like beings? Will they thrive in power with their new companions? Will they finally manage to turn their wants... into destined?

What to expect;

A western cultivation world with minimal xianxia tropes.

Single POV for the most part. (around 90%)

Mostly light-hearted, but there are some grim moments as well.

No harem.

The tags are primarily for my freedom but do know that this novel is intended for adults. I don't plan any explicit sex scenes, but there might be intimacy and nudity. 

Update schedule: 3 chapters/week with 2.5k~ words, M-W-F, 2 pm EST.

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The 13th Loop [A Progression, GameLit, Sci-Fi Adventure]

The 13th Loop [A Progression, (...)
by Lykanthropy
909 pages

Kyle Goldman is having a bad century, multiple of them. Kyle is immortal, destined to live the same mediocre life over and over again. Worse, he remembers each time through life. Every betrayal, every life lesson, every combat spell, he is destined to learn them all again and again.

Every life he re-awakens during the Awakening Trials. Trials designed to pull out the full magical and spiritual potential of a Space Force Candidate. Depending on how well he does in these trials can change his entire career. Since this is his thirteenth time through the trials he is well aware of their importance. 

Even better, he knows how to cheat. Having prior knowledge of the trials and their ever increasing difficulties is the ultimate form of cheating. Especially when the rewards for completing each stage of the trial is an increased Attribute point.

He's lived each life to its fullest, some dying as a famous ace pilot. Others dying as an expeditionary Marine on long range space recon. Each life ultimately leads to the same inevitable end, he makes friends, tastes happiness for a brief moment, and then is betrayed. The betrayal always changes, but always hurts the same. From there a deep spiral occurs, leading to his inevitable, but often glorious demise.

This time he vows to take things differently. He still plans to ace the exams, but then he will do the unthinkable, he will resign his commission as an officer. To live as an overqualified regular citizen of the free worlds. 

With the knowledge of spell craft deeply ingrained in his mind from his previous lives, he is set to make try number thirteen his lucky number after all.

There is only one problem. The Government saw his test scores and now they won't stop to have him in their ranks. It looks like the betrayal will come earlier than expected in this, his thirteenth try at living the same stale existence.

Themes Include: GameLit Elements, Progression Fantasy, with Space Tech and interstellar battles.

Schedule: Monday through Friday

Cover Art: Thanks to Asviloka

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10 Year Tower - A Tower-Climbing Regressor LitRPG - Book Two: Clan War

10 Year Tower - A Tower-Climbing (...)
by PekoraShine
347 pages

It was almost 10 Years ago that the Tower first emerged. A mysterious demi-planar monolith containing infinite dangers but also infinite possibilities. Humanity saw it as a boon, at first. A gift from a benevolent God, or from some species with a higher risk tolerance but good intentions.

Then the 5 Year Disaster struck, and Humanity learned the truth. The Tower was a test, not a gift. A test they were failing. They doubled down on their efforts, Climbing with the fury of a dying species, but it was not enough. In the final moments before their species was annihilated, a single unimportant member of the final force of Humanity found a unique item. It sent him back to three months after the Tower emerged, to lead Humanity in a rare second chance.

But one man cannot save a world alone, even with a decade’s worth of memories. Will Sutton, Pioneer, will have to deal with both allies and enemies to avoid the mistakes which plagued Humanity’s first Climb if he wants to ensure that they clear the 50th Floor within 10 Years.

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Legend of the Arch Magus

Legend of the Arch Magus (...)
by MSisa-Crazyblackchili
308 pages

An Arch Magus dies, only to find himself in the body of a young man in a medieval Kingdom. He finds out that he is the second son of a Duke, exiled to a desolated town by his own family. Shackled by the notorious reputation of his new shell, he tries his best to develop his domain, implementing new policies and innovations, leading his subjects to prosperity. In this world where magic is undeveloped, he shall once again pave a new path.


Started posting here since the book is ending and it'll be better if more people read it -- started regretting posting things for free tho. People are less forgiving and more critical to published writers, it seems. 

I'll post whenever my mental health allows. Hope everyone understands. 

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The Ones Not Chosen - A Litrpg Apocalypse

The Ones Not Chosen - (...)
by J. T. Smith
266 pages

Wheelchair-bound and terminally ill, Clover wanted nothing more than to live a normal life. However, fate had other plans for him. On the worst night of his life, the System violently appeared, scrambling the Earth's geography and creating hordes of monsters. 

Amidst the chaos, he now has only one goal: Raise his Level high enough to fix and cure all the problems his failing body was plagued with.  

There's only one problem with his grand plan: How is a skinny guy in a wheelchair supposed to slay dragons and win sword fights?

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