1. Re: Progression: Trying to Clarify Its Role And How It Works

      Everything I'm reading seems to say that Progression is like growing a skill, characters can get stronger, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Which I feel can explain why I've grown bored with some (...)

    2. Re: No Historical Fiction Due to RR Rules?

      Hello. there are many novels with historical tag around. here is a great example: If you read my original post, you saw that I did search on the (...)

    3. No Historical Fiction Due to RR Rules?

      Perhaps I have misunderstood this, so I am double-checking. The RR Submission guidelines state: Avoid including real-world religions or politics. If a fiction is discovered to include insults toward real-world (...)

    4. Re: About seeing your job in a story

      Law. Rarely done, even more rarely done right.

    5. Re: About seeing your job in a story

      Oh, ever since I worked in a haunted house, I've craved reading a dungeon core story written by a really skilled stage designer. I think that'd be awesome.    With the designer as the dungeon core? Oh, (...)

    6. Re: I'm going to write some stories with flat characters that have almost no descriptions!

       Wait! Are you climbing small ladders to cross the fences between narratives?

    7. Re: King’s Diversity Space Tool - What do you think

      Like let's give this an example. If we were to put, say, a 1 to someone's looks compared to a 10 on a 1-10 scale And then someone might make a movie and call it 10.

    8. Re: When Power Scripts

      Are you suggesting my comments were personal, or just that they were a strong rebuttal to your suggestion's about the motivations for and consequences of Mr. Musk's actions? If you think they were personal, (...)

    9. Re: What's up with depiction of psychopaths and sociopaths?

      It's always seemed bizarre to me when someone suggests "reading literature" as a way to understand people. How can that be when most authors have virtually no training in psychology, haven't counseled (...)

    10. Re: When Power Scripts

      Now put MOTIVE behind one megalomaniac who wants to tease the world... because he hasn't had ENOUGH impact. Your concern would ring with more authenticity and authority if you addressed the problem (...)

    11. Re: When Power Scripts

      A company whose appreciable stock price has been NIL for some time now.  You need to check your facts. Twitter was $14.63 a share on 4/21/2017 and trended fairly steadily upward to a high of $73.17 (...)

    12. Re: Is killing a goblin any different than killing a human?

      Is there a visceral reaction to an antagonist who brutally kills a human victim... that does NOT exist in other genres like, say an antagonist brutally killing a competing creature, goblin, what have you? (...)

    13. Re: Writing Historical Fiction with Nothing Accurate

      Considering the popularity of the Fate franchise Umm... I'm cluieless, but have reason to be interested. What's the "Fate franchise"?

    14. Re: What Do You Think About Harem?

      To know what fortysixFours's fictions are alone is impressive Not unusual. I read harem stories, though I found that author's work on another site. I can't think of a harem story where "promiscuous" (...)

    15. Re: What Do You Think About Harem?

      There you go. Didn't know that this was an actual fiction genre.  So much for the showdown on main street at 3:00. Traditional tropes be damned. I'm just trying to imagine a story that can (...)

    16. Re: Clarification regarding political content needed

      Is it just aimed at insulting religions? Could you write a story where the devout practitioner of a real-world religion is put into a situation - say first contact with aliens - and struggles to both live (...)

    17. Re: Writing in first person

      Whereas third person narration often has an objective view (is always correct about perception and observation), Um, in some ways, but not in all. For example, the following is third person, but (...)

    18. Re: I thought the site didn't allow porn...

      I don't see how it's a condradiction. Technically, you could turn any popular movie or book into 'porn' if you didn't 'fade to black' when the naughty bits happen. Perhaps, since it seems you have (...)

    19. Re: I thought the site didn't allow porn...

      A story with porn is still porn. And I agree the story does have redeeming qualities. You do understand that the second sentence contradicts the first, at least from the standpoint of U.S. (...)

    20. Re: humans are space orcs recommendations

      Human Altered - on Royal Road Earths Engineers are a double-edged sword. They can fix or improve anything, but no sane Xeno Engineer will touch it if it carries the Human Altered warning.. (...)