How to Survive a Summoning 101

Overall Score 5.0
How does one review a story that’s over 800 pages long and started two years ago? Look, no beating around the bush. There are noticeable jumps in quality as the writer dramatically improved their craft along the years. You’ll need to accept some stylistic inconsistencies early on – although chapters are being edited along with new releases.

What’s there now is a must-read for fans of messed up stories. It’s very much worth it to push through the few chapters not yet updated. Just be aware that Grimdark here actually means Grimdark. Usually, on RoyalRoad, you can expect the most grimly dark thing to be a pony that stumbles as it jumps over a hedge. Here it’s more like: the pony explodes in a bloody frenzy as horrified onlookers reel in horror from the otherworldly nightmares creeping out of the carcass. It’s dark and very messed up. Know what you’re getting into.

Style Score 3.5 to 5.0
Starts out a bit weird in style with too much leaning on anime-tropes. Gets better quickly. The author improves a lot and with the edits coming to earlier chapters, it’s all good. Once the style reaches the current skill-level, it’s a blast and joy to read with no complaint from me. It’s a good style.

Story Score 4.0 to 4.5
Like before, it’s hard to judge properly. If I were to go from the worst, yet unedited parts, it’d be a 4 but with the edits coming and the current point in time. It’s a 4.5. There are some minor pacing issues that could be worked out, honestly.

Character Score 5.0
This always was one of the strengths of the story. The main characters develop a very interesting chemistry and their suffering is told very well. They’re proper anti-heroes for reasons, not just to be edgy and moody. This is a mature story and it shows most in this aspect. Rework or not, they’re amazing in either timeframe.

Grammar Score 5.0
Know this, I’m a non-english speaker, so my rating here won’t be of much use to you. Essentially, I’ll give it a perfect score unless I notice more than just a few typos here and there. Nothing to report here, so a five it is.

The Thaumatist Incident

Strange places, curious people - worth a look

Overall 4,5
Sit around everyone, take a seat, we've got ourselves a traditional fantasy story on our hands. While it's a bit of an unusual endeavor for RoyalRoad, that's no slight for the writing quality and you know what? It's all good.
You're quickly thrown into strange cultures and meet a variety of characters. The quality of writing is good enough to draw you right in. If the author can keep it up, this is going to be a grand story spanning the width of a curious fantasy world.
Style 4,5
Good style, pleasant to read. There are occasional parts that distracted me and one part that made me pause for a bit. Other than that, it's a fluent read.
Grammar 4,5
I'm a non native speaker so take my judgement on Grammar with a truckload of salt (Express-Delivery, ran over some Isekai-MC). But with my limited knowledge, there weren't any egregious mistakes, maybe a couple of missing words here and there.
Story and Character 4,5
Look, I'm starting to repeat myself here. So far, it's setting up a beautiful world with several characters that have potential. This can go quite some places and the way it reads now, it's on a good course. I've taken half a point of because the story kinda drowns you at the beginning and because some characters can appear a bit one-note at this point.