1. Re: How to write a story based in a fictional city, in an actual country that I have never been to?

      Something I did a while back was to use Google Street View to get a general feel for the area. See what kind of shops there are, look at common architecture, plants and just get an all-around feel for (...)

    2. Re: Meme Culture as Comedy in Fictions

      Memes are transient. That's the entire crux with them. They tend to explode in popularity and remain relevant for a few months. After that, you get one of two outcomes. First, it will die down and become (...)

    3. Re: Need of feedback on the difference between the first and last chapter.

      You can hit me up at the time, but I'm not sure I'm going to have the time as I need to focus on my stuff for a while. Either way, let me just clear something up: The whole patience thing is simply the (...)

    4. Re: Need of feedback on the difference between the first and last chapter.

      It's going to be a bit difficult to provide you with helpful feedback for your story. Let's start with the obvious since you yourself have mentioned it in your synopsis: Your writing style changes significantly (...)

    5. Re: Why are Isekai's and LitRPGs so popular?

      For me, I would say its a lot like the dystopian phase. A few years ago we had a huge flurry of books like Hunger Games, and Divergent. I mean they were everywhere and they were huge. This is the same (...)

    6. Re: Hoping to get some story feedback

      Though I thought throwing daggers with the eyes was an idiom. It's an idiom, yes. It's usually used with shoot, look or stare daggers at something but it can be broadened for use with throwing as well. (...)

    7. Re: Hoping to get some story feedback

      Don't sweat the 0.5 Star Reviews. They're an occupational hazard of RoyalRoad. It's just the perfect target for trolls as it is bound to get reactions. -- Now for your story, I've given it a quick read. (...)

    8. Re: First person or third person?

      In traditional publishing, third person rules supreme, first person is rare and a mixture of both gets the book thrown at you. For Self-Publishing, do whatever you need to tell your story. Just realize (...)

    9. Re: Why are Isekai's and LitRPGs so popular?

      Isekai is essentially wish-fulfilment, the genre. Take a normal person with nerdy tendencies and throw them into a beautiful fantasy world filled with everything they love from videogames, including (...)

    10. Re: Looking for story feedback

      Let's dive in then. I'll start by saying that I like the idea, having the sins as a sort of life coach is an interesting premise that can go a long way. You can easily spin this into an engaging story (...)

    11. Re: 5k words vs 10k words?

      Technically, a chapter should be as long as the narrative demands. That was the traditional point of chapters in that they encapsulated a part of the story with their own narrative structure. Chapters (...)

    12. Re: Need some help in improving the initial idea for my story ( first one).

      In Truck-San we trust. Joking aside, the prevalence of Isekai protagonists that got killed by a truck should tell you that this neither makes or breaks a story. Seemingly neither does a ridiculous premise (...)

    13. Re: By what measure is required to have "success" on RR?

      Couldn't see them either. It's an encoding issue with text and how the links were formed. Essentially, RoyalRoad tries to load the images, fails because of the encoding and uses the link as a fallback (...)

    14. Re: Feedback on my cover?

      Just a couple of short notes: The colour composition is great with warm colours, as are the calligraphic florals on the edges. There are some problems you can fix and others that would require more extensive (...)

    15. Re: Add pagenumbers and indicators to lists.

      If filler is your concern: Short chapters encourage that too. Lead-in and link-over rapidly add up. Further, short chapters struggle with narrative coherence in their limited space - which leads to simplified (...)

    16. Re: Add pagenumbers and indicators to lists.

      Every author knows: Getting your story seen can be a nightmare. The Latest Updates list on here is one of the primary ways to get eyes on your story and chapter lists are usually the second glance. These (...)

    17. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Just from a quick glance and without knowing the story, it's hard to say. If I understood you correctly, her actions are hinging on this premise: The main antagonist is somehow involved. From that point (...)

    18. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      That's a good and more importantly also a realistic write up of the writing process and the industry in general. Including the good and the ugly. Personally, I've got some reservations about your publisher (...)

    19. Re: Bots on RR?

      I thought it was known that some skulduggery is going on behind the scenes. It's a frequent complaint in author notes where they mention rating discrepancies that start when they reach a certain point (...)

    20. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      Actual online roleplaying got me started, back when Ultima Online was the king of the hill. At some point, I graduated to Gamemaster on a private server before we all switched games. During that time, (...)