A Snake's Life

I love monster MC stories and that is the only reason I stuck for longer that I should have. It was just painful to read.

I have read first book, got burned and thought that second will be better but lost all hope. 

It's just garbage. I don't know why there is so many positive reviews. Amount of issues with the story is ridiculous. 

Things like powers, traits and traits appear, change and disappear on a whim of the author

MC gains supposedly corruptive evolution that will allow him to eat God's, make him akin to first demon ever and forbid him from being God. Guess what, he becomes God by the end of book 2.

He gets trait that would allow him to cast magic from Naga evolution. It disappeared. His second Naga evolution was supposed to give him Superior Mana Control. Evolution to this form has eventually given MC nothing. 



Worst part of the story are characters. In the first book MC character is just garbage. There is short scene where he notices he no longer feels guilt and feels little bit scared and... Goes completely murder hobo Fiesta without ever exploring this part of his character. Zero explanation. Never touched again. Only in book two thisnchsnfe is "justified" because world is harsh!

I wouldn't mind if it was explained that MC is now a monster and he agrees with new instincts. But no, let's go murder hobo arbitrarily. Who cares anyway.

Other characters are also flat. Almost all gods are morons. Literally. They don't behave like beings of their power and station would. You would expect schemes, plans, misdirection etc. But no, most often gods are literally arrogant morons who do nothing but posture.

MC bond with his adopted daughter also doesn't make sense. He sees her once and out of nowhere supposedly she becomes close enough to him to be seen as daughter?


Im not even starting to talk about disjointed events, overall chaos and two dimensional villains.

This story seriously needs editor because just ridiculous how many problems it has. 

Steamforged Sorcery [A Steampunk LitRPG]

Now this is clearly a title with potential. Fantasy in steampunk setting? Mage Mc with obsession on research? Unique setting? 

Now this is something that tickles my pleasure bone. Gotta say if I were the cat I would yell "that's the spot!". 

Other than that I haven't noticed anything that would annoy me. Whether it's grammar or the way characters behave.



Warlock's Gate [DROPPED]

Crunchy goodness that one hopes never ends

Some stories start off badly and with time become better especially if it's authors first story. This is how majority works. Then there is this magical minority that like with explosions in Michael Bay movies story starts strongly and becomes even better. This is one of such stories.


I have nothing to comment on the rest since it's perfect from my perspective till now. Right pacing, shadowing of very deep worldbuilding, characters with unique personalities, interesting relationship  between Mc and her demo... I mean Dementher :p. 

Cinnamon Bun

Strong start but goes off the track

Starts strongly. MC starved for adventures and friends isekais to fantasy world with unusual class and set of skills not exactly combat ready yet working in the end, somehow. Author has evident love for what he writes and it shows. Unfortunately somewhere along the road story goes off the track. 


Grammar - I didn't notice any glaring mistakes which is always a plus. 

Style - While simplistic does it's job yet there is too much dialogues. Sometimes even more than half of the chapter can be just character talking.  It shows later on especially. 

Story - While starts strongly it gets bogged down and goes off the track somewhere along the road. It's basically MC trying to find friends... And not much else. After first 30 chapters magic also disappeared somewhere. Lack of challenges also makes itself know after some time. 

Characters - MC character is biggest advantage yet also weakness of the novel. In the beginning cuteness of MC is entertaining. Yet as the story goes on she becomes more and more frustrating. She is a fool who doesn't seem to grow. Characters needs balance. Best example of MC with character that comes close is Salvos from...well Salvos ;D. While she is cutely naive and unaware of workings of human society sometimes she has moments of brilliance that shows that despite her naivete she is no fool just sees world differently. It makes her feel like genuine person. 

Yet Broccoli lacks that balance that differentiates between generic and great characters. I waited for a long time for her to show new sides of her personality... And grow tired eventually.

Broccoli is sweet person but unfortunately she is sickly sweet. 


Reborn From the Cosmos

Relaxing and interesting slice of life. First chapters managed to made me laugh my socks off while later ones are going in relaxed pace where world doesn't exactly needs saving and main character just wants to spend her days hunting in dungeons and drinking ale in the evenings... At least until she becomes not exactly human. 


Dragon's Dilemma

Initally I checked the story because I'm big fan of them since childhood (my first book in life as 7y old kid was Eragon. I cried when it ended ;D). But there is fear in me every time I check out dragon story because authors like to put isekaied old nerd into dragon body who whines that he wants humanoid form once more and even has a gal to fight in this form over using dragon form because soft skin of a human is equal to dragon scales. To be honest though great stories are not about Supreme dragon bodies. They are about characters so clearly different and alien to us, humans. Whether it's human form, dragon form, snake, carp or kobold dragon is first and foremost in mind and character.I t's about a creature that is greedy, prideful and dominating. This is what makes dragons truly interesting especially when their so different nature clash with alien to them new environments or as this novel proposed, human society. Especially since our dear Mc dragon is a male and as we know men likes to dominate just as dragons yet he will have to brave the challenge as a gender that...likes to be taken care of, maybe sometimes even use their own... New advantages when being in position of power weakness thst is so anathema to draconic society thst is based on domination. 

       Maybe it's unfair that I give a review so early into the story, merely 4 chapters and author doesn't seem to have others novels written. But there are some novels that you know are destined for greatness since prologue. In the beginnjng there is no info dump. Great example of show don't tell.  Despite it being only few beginning chapters There is already promise of great mystery on the horizon, danger, mysteries from distant past, maybe even politics between races etc. 

Another my fear thst for now at least didn't appear and there are no signs of it appearing in the future was gender bender part. Not because I feel uncomfortable with trans people or other bullshit but because those stories tend to go to 2 directions that are simply boring. 1) Mc is changes into female, MC finds himself a lesbian, MC collects girl after girl, harem welcome shallow harem

2) Author makes showing how transgender Mc with problems of living in society. Author decides that he must repeat how many problems trans Mc have again and again and forgets about main storyline because not having or having a penis and feeling bad with current status is more important than world ending event. 

I have been reading since childhood and in fact as a man, I like unique situations. But I don't want main storyline tk be overshadowed either by harem or some LGBT manifesto. 

I want to see those unique situations to be a spice for main storyline. A side issue. Why gender is even important when world is falling apart? First mystery and second conquering unique challenges then. 

And for my relief at least for now story gives what proposes. Problem of integrating dragon into human society with being female in tow. But it is only secondary to great tribulations that will soon to come because live of Mc can never be peaceful ;D

For now whether it's characters, worldbuilding, pacing etc i can recommend this story (especially for dragon maniacs like me ;D). From prologue it bought me with quality and for now it doesn't actualize my usual fears about dragon Mc and gender bender.

I'm filled with anticipation what author will produce ;)  I hope so you too. 



For the power of White Bearded One!

One of the best stories with non-humanodal, non-bipedal MC where author delivers and don't go hiatus after 20 chapters on his readers. And updates daily. And probably the only one story where monster MC strives for community rather being loner.

I'm mentioning it, because writing story fantasy story with human MC using western'ish culture is easy. Authors have entire legacy of literature, stereotypes, values to back on. But writing story about other species that is not elves, dwarfes or other bipedals is really hard without going into bull*** or burning out after few chapters.