1. Re: Looking for stories with underworld/purgatory-like places

      These might fit the criteria: I'm on TDY From Hell This fiction is completed, and had a second book that is ongoing. The Cryropod To (...)

    2. Re: manipulative or evil mcs that are op on an sites

      Way of the devil, reverend insanity, world of adapts

    3. Re: Any novels with breast growth?

      Well, recently I became interested in muds and wanted to play one cause they sound like reading a book and playing the game at the sane time. Of course 1st and 2st most popular servers has to be about (...)

    4. Re: MC is a non humanoidal

      OK I. Found. The title is Monstrous

    5. Re: I just want stories of evil people doing evil things!

      Woah bro  I love neutral antiheroes the most aka leylin from mwm. I will use numbers cos I'm too lazy to describe novels. Check them yourself. 1. Warlock from magus world  2. Reverend in sanity (...)

    6. Re: Story where MC is non human

      Hi. I'm searching for story as title says where we have non human mc. Let's be honest human are boring ;>

    7. Re: MC is a non humanoidal

      I have once found a series in RoyalRoad which where humans were taming magical beast and mc reincarnated as one butone of the weakest.also author described it on the last line of description as a little (...)

    8. Re: Looking for good Horror stories

      Altough don't like qidian doomsday wonderland. Apocalypse done good with a little bit of cultivation lvls and horror part of a story is part of action. And horror weave. I'm basically at 300 ep and author (...)

    9. Re: Are There any vrmmorpg stories where MC is Super lucky but dosent know it Basically MC turns luck into his weapon and there are typical xanxia lvls (aka cultivation but mmos feels like cultivation though)

    10. Re: A story with a wind focused MC? Quite good although not too much of a chapters