Magical Girl Gunslinger

I've been on dark side of magical girls genre for years and saw countless assasination attempts from onion ninjas, but this story takes the entire cake. It's a rollercoaster between hope and hopelesness that can squeeze out the tears without mercy, backed by great worldbuilding, characters, and plot.

Unfortunately, the writing style is mediocre. Outside of "diabolical adrenaline guitar" and "tear grinder" sequences, author has tendency to turn chapters into complete slog full of repetitions and infodumps that made me skim through some parts.

Fortunately, everything else is so good that my eyes were glued to the screen all the time, and I even needed to recall that I have a depression after finishing!


Sorry for being harsh, but this isn't a story. This is bunch of rushed, short drafts filled with random ideas. Most of the time its impossible to understand what is going on because of poor formating, rushed pacing, lack of descriptions, and semi-decent grammar.

While I would normally would leave some tips for clearly new authors, I cannot find anything that can be salvaged as everything needs to be improved. Maybe reading other fictions would show author what he needs to work at.

Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG Apocalypse)

The only thing that carries this story is worldbuilding. Not gonna lie, this is first time I saw a creative system and interesting things one could do with it, including effect on the world and society. But I found myself skipping and occasionally rolling eyes on everything else.

Characters are the biggest problem. They are completely bland and half of the cast is better off sipping coffee in the background and not interrupting interesting bits. This also includes MC who seemingly needs to turn every short sentence into whole paragraphs of dialogues and thoughts. At this point I'm thinking that author tried to make MC sound smart, but ended up with additional -ass at the end.

The pacing is the next problem. 26 chapters in and only few meaningful events happen. Progression is constantly halted by MC's thoughts often repeat what we already know in whole paragraphs, and downright stopping himself from advancing over ridiculous reasons like being worried what people on TV would say after finding corpses of killed monsters.

One time he does everything to keep low-profile without trying to find a way around it, then another he makes a hulk purchase of soon-to-be extremely valuable materials and downright tells shopkeeper that it will be needed soon, or reveals that he illegally summons and hunts monsters to people he barely knows.

I couldn't get past chapter 26 thanks to MC. This is definitively not my coup of tea.

Weird Magic

This an light-hearted comedy and slice of life with fantasy topping. The writing style is smooth and few holes can be shrugged on.

Unfortunately, being on top of Rising Stars brought a lot of people who expected this to be a masterpiece or yet another Patreon fishing story that tries to appeal to everyone. Author is clearly doing whatever he likes and its entertaining, hence the popularity.


Asturian Warbringer - A LitRPG on Earth

There are many problems with the story.

Characters infodumping walls of text, overdetailed fights, grandfater's... dialogue... abuses... dots... more than it should be, and MC calls his grandfather as dad for some reason. Can't say anything about grammar because I'm not an expert or native, but it's perfectly readable for me

Story might be not my cup of tea, but it feels too much like a suffering porn. The bullied MC wasn't done right and ends up being looking like an spineless masochist. Struggle feels too forced and there is nothing interesting to offset or justify it

Characters are bit too one dimesional. The rich girl is straight up badly done. At first she appears as someone mysterious and interesting, turns out to be a spoiled brat with ego issues, and then suddenly become a friend of MC just because he said sorry.

Beware Of Chicken

Becomes the very thing it swore to destroy

TLDR: Fanboys and stones may break my bones, but story heads towards the opposite way it promises. It's worth a read if you're into a lot of slice of life

At first it was fun and wholesome story about building farm in cultivation world, but it started going downhill once author rushed marriage:

Father sees his daughter having crush on MC and almost instantly declares marriage once they hook up. Relationship looked like a short love people have in high school.

Farming and cultivation were replaced by slice of life. Struggle and interesting premise were quickly thrown out of window as MC became yet another OP protagonist, growing overpowered herbs and crops that are worth a fortune while problems seems to solve themselves. There is nothing interesting besides slice of life and boomer marriage

This is curse of almost every cultivation story: Good and interesting start that is wasted later on. It looks like this story is on the same collision course as of vol 2.

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Targets specific audience and delivers what they want. Nothing less, nothing more

While it isn't a masterpiece, it's way better than the usual harem crap you can find, and makes a lot of cliches more berable. Decent read if you come for harem, good read if you read everything with harem on it

I Have Infinite Skill Points in the Apocalypse

Style: The chapters are badly written. Descriptions could use a rework, too much telling instead of showing, and overall execution is quite lacking. The chapters are broken into mini chapters for some unknown reason, which makes things harder to read (second chapter is made of 33 mini ones).

Grammar: Readable, but nothing fancy. I'm not a expert or native, but there are few things that feel out of place

Story: While there is no story besides power fantasy, author at least tries do some worldbuilding. It's dragged down by the overall poor execution, but there are at least few interesting things.

Characters: MC is very lacking. He doesn't seems to have a defined personality and turns into a simp in front of some women. The "girl" is also lacking, but doesn't feels as flat. Other characters feels like fillers that exist to say "Wow MC" and doesn't bring anything to the story 

Overall: Good if you're for power fantasy, bad if you're expecting anything more out of it. The R18+ chapters are decent if it hits your fetish, otherwise they might be lacking.

If the execution gets better, this can be average or big above the average. Still a good time killer if you don't have high standards 

Ula (read description.)

The story wasn't the best, but it inspired me to write.

I know I shouldn't be doing this in a review, but it doesn't matter. Nobody comes here anymore, it's almost like a forgotten grave. Thank you for everything, and I hope we will meet again, even when you probably won't visit this site anymore

Dead Tired

Satire dragged out for too long

Story is a great satire of cliche cultivation with some necro-humor on top of it, but it doesn't go above the average in terms of comedy. Characters are at least decent, but Bone Daddy can mop the floor with everything and feels completely invisible.

It would probably be better if it was only one volume long, but people who like power fantasy with some humor might like it