Godclads [Monster MC/Eldritch/Cyberpunk/Progression] (VOLUME 2 COMPLETE)

Godclads [Monster MC/Eldritch/Cyberpunk/Progression] (...)
by OstensibleMammal
2k pages

In the gutters of New Vultun, the greatest megacity in the world, Avo finds himself resurrected from the clutches of death and tasked with a mission by a father he long thought dead. Now, he must rise to stop the usurpation of reality by the Eight Great Guilds that rule his world. Only by learning from his deaths and grafting newer and greater eldritch gods onto his being can he reach apotheosis and avert certain damnation.

Yet, as he ascends to claim the mantle of divinity, a question lingers... what kind of god will he become?

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Chapters will usually be around 2.5 to 3k words. Updates Mon-Fri.

Disclaimer: Expect detailed descriptions of violence, cannibalism, and cursing.

Expect: Violence, monster mc, magitech, cyberpunk, implants, atrocities, oppression, non-human protagonist, reality-warping powers, and combined arms warfare.

Do not expect: Smut, romance, overt sentimentality.

If you develop a sudden outbreak of rash after reading Godclads, it's not the story. But go see a doctor. Just in case.

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Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG Apocalypse)

Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG (...)
by Jakob H. Greif
924 pages

Books 1, 2 and 3 are now on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited)!

It wasn't climate change that killed us. Nor was it the blue boxes that suddenly appeared in front of us one day.

No, it was what we did with said boxes. All it took was a little nudging from the wrong dark deity and the world spiraled into the abyss. 

Twelve years later, only a mere handful of humans remain, fighting against an endless horde, fully aware of the futility of their actions. 

A demon lord gets torn to shreds by the last of humanity, determined to go out in a blaze of glory. 

In the end, only Isaac Thoma remains to reap the reward for this victory. Another chance. A new go at things from that fateful day the world became quantified. 

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Magical Girl Gunslinger

Magical Girl Gunslinger (...)
by Mikasane
716 pages

“Would you like to make a contract?”

When eldritch horrors known as the Anathema began tearing through reality to invade Earth, aliens calling themselves the Zenith stepped in to protect humanity. Individuals were chosen and gifted with the ability to use magic and advanced technologies to combat the existential threat. Over twenty-one years later, the so-called “Magical Guardians” are still hard at work keeping the peace. With their flashy outfits, superhuman abilities, and reality-defying spells, they are the part-time heroes and full-time idols of modern society.

But none of that really matters to Mai, whose biggest problems are dealing with her family, classmates, and the ever growing dread of her imminent future. As far as Mai is concerned, mundane problems are more than enough to worry about, and the idea of magic and monsters might as well be nothing more than daydreams. At least, they were until she finds herself in the middle of an Anathema invasion… 

A Dark Magical Girl LitRPG with sci-fi elements. Note: Slow burn and slow, gradual introduction of LitRPG mechanics that become a focal point once introduced.

Please be aware this story contains intense violence, gore, traumatic situations, and other potentially unsettling content.

Chapters tend to be longer but with inconsistent updates.

Art by Sayta.

This story is inspired by Stray Cat Strut, by RavensDagger. The "point system" for buying items is based on SCS's system. Magical girl Familiars are also a shared concept as both stories are in the magical girl genre. Some of the major differences between the two stories is this has a substantial LitRPG system including levels, stats, skills, magic, and also a generally darker tone. The first "arc" of the story is, however, an introduction into the world and characters, and as such, the LitRPG elements do not come into full play until later.

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by NunuXD
471 pages

Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world.

But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get.

Tony Stark: I hate this! I can do in real life everything this Watch Dogs guy does, but why can't I stop playing?


Nick Fury: If any agent can't complete the Hitman game by next week, that agent will be fired from the Shield!

A world of superheroes, but who controls everything is "only" a game developer.

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I maxed out my Stats, so why am I still a loser?

I maxed out my Stats, (...)
by Fran Solo
650 pages

Ashner has no job, no girlfriend, and no good luck on his side. Until one drunken night, he finds a door to another world. And discovers monsters drop real gold. Not to mention a leveling system that's more detail orientated than he hoped for. With a tool that can bring him money beyond his wildest dreams, he decides to get as much as he can. Wealth, women, and status. But even with all that, why does his life always take the same unlucky turns?

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Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same

Returning to No Applause, (...)
by Palt
587 pages

Kreig was summoned to the other world 130 years ago, the last 30 of which were spent in a constant, vengeful war against any army that would attempt to subjugate him. Once he returned, he found out that only 10 years had passed.

He was given the title of War of the North but he never even knew about it. After all, nobody could get close enough to tell it to him. 

But that all changes one day when a portal opens, allowing Kreig and a small band of soldiers to enter one of many portals that leads to Earth. As it turns out these portals have been opening ever since he was summoned, giving the people of Earth abilities that the world he was summoned to only used to have. But now... now, he has returned. Longing for his former life of peace and understanding, he allows authorities to capture him on the spot, only to be faced with deeply personal questions, such as "who are you?" "what have you been doing for the past 10 years?" and "why is your level so high?"


...Have you ever read a story where the main guy who got isekai'd returns to Earth. Say, for example, FFF-class trashhero or the necromancer of Seoul station? Say, what if the authorities actually became aware what kind of monster had returned to Earth?

What if they actually tried to use them for something?

Kreig's been in the other world for 130 years, has experienced three great wars, and he isn't okay. Mentally speaking, that is. He's been imprisoned, gained and lost comrades, been betrayed... The whole lot. By now, all he wants is to put it all behind him, something the world doesn't seem to want to let him. 

(Officially completed as of December 5th 2021)

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by nautics
7 pages

Its bloom brings with it decay.


Art: biittertaste

(Story also on Scribble Hub)

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Romantically Apocalyptic [discontiniued version]

Romantically Apocalyptic (...)
by Vitaly S Alexius
0 pages


by Temple
2.4k pages

Erind Hartwell, a first-year law student with psychopathic tendencies and an obsessive compulsion to follow an arbitrary set of Rules, tries to live a normal life in a world where superhumans battle eldritch horrors invading minds. She had to be normal. Society frowned on different—especially her kind of different.

"I wouldn’t bother the world as long as it didn't bother me" was one of the many Rules she followed. And she mostly kept to herself with that in mind.

Unfortunately, the world bothered Erind's normal life. On the brink of death, an entity offered powers to save her. Left with no other choice, she accepted it, changing into a new form—the first of many that'll help her bother the world that bothered her.

Cover is part of a wallpaper art commissioned from CristianAC.
Also published on Scribblehub.

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It's Only Another End of the World

It's Only Another End (...)
by Mike Spivak
520 pages

Fate conspires to unite Cody, a grieving man who lost all he held dear, and Suzy, an eldritch abomination from beyond the stars. Together they attempt to save humanity from yet another end of the world. They will travel beyond time and space! They will face madness, violence and greasy food! They will laugh, cry and fight for the sake of all mankind.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 They will also fail.

This story will update infrequently for the last of its run.

WARNING: This story contains violence, swearing, sex, many depictions of suicide and dark subject matter. Reader discretion is advised. This story is considered NSFW.

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The Changed World

The Changed World
by Viole Anmut
95 pages

Before we knew it, The world we once knew has changed. People are changing, Monsters are appearing, Death is frequent, Nothing we knew was the same. All we now knew was that we need to survive, Just survive. So we keep fighting against the monsters, Aswell as other humans. Many people have changed, Including their bodies, Whether it is for the best or not though, We do not know.


I will release 3-7 chapters per week.

Okay so I hope my synopsis is decent enough for you people. Anyway this is going to be a novel that is similar to stuff like God and Devil World, Which can be found on NovelUpdates, Aswell as Gaia's Will and Challenge. I will take some parts from both stories and combine them into one story, Obviously added with my own ideas.

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Sacred Brother

Sacred Brother
by kaoxx287
1.6k pages

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

I couldn't atone for my sins and died without being able to do anything.

However, this is not the end of my story.

I was given another chance. A chance to live a better life in a world of magic with a loving family. But, no matter the world nothing is free. I will have to fight for this second life sooner than I thought.

This is the story of my second life.

[Will contain some mature content.] (Reincarnation story)

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