Rose of Thorns and Blood

Remove Retard Naruto Take Dark Naruto, Remove him, Insert Uzumaki Naruto..... Add Narumi into the math..... End up with something fun to read.... Bored of Natuard? Then Read this, I just hope this doesnt live up to the real naruto aka fillers

Shepherd Moon, 2nd Edition

Hidden gem for Sci-Fi fans, takes a time to reach it thou

This story is one of the few hidden gems, take a time to reach the better parts of the story, involves reading and understand quite a lot but is really good (probably all Sci-Fi stories involving that)

Characters are good, just that they dont seem to be alive but otherwise they are good

Style, it could be worse, it could be better, but its a style that good enough for me to be hooked

story score: hmm, hard to say..... the concept and how its being written are awesome yet somehow they dont fit to be perfect, but alas 4.5 stars for that

grammar: I aint a grammar nazzie, i hardly find faults, might had found a fault here n there but they usually skip my radar which isn't good at all =) OLD TECH RADAR!


Lament of the Fallen

Few reviews on this, almost godlike story

Grammar: No problems with his stories at all, perfectly readable, Can't find anything for me to mind, I don't grammar nazi, only to barely readable

Style: His style is nice.... who the heck am I kidding, awesome

Character & Story:

a story with a very dark childhood, but has its happy-go moments.

I have to say that the "description" does'nt justify this story at all, it's just to basic without revealing anything but the start, If you havn't read this I do recomend it more than highly, especially if you read her/his/it's earlier work then its a must

The story itself has a very dark childhood, I can reveal that, the MC is quite dark sometimes otherwise its quite good story, the MC is OP but in fact the MC isn't really OP, more in terms of OP in terms of her peers compared to others

(meaning same level, for example she has twice the strength of her level, while having less strength the level above her, that's just a plain example)


I must admit I did read few chapters when it was released and then forgot the story, but that was probably due to release times or other stories took my while, or something else was in the factor.


But currently? at the chapter 42, I am so hooked.... read it from ch.1 to ch.42 in one go and it was disapointing to meet the greyed out next button that is.... I got depressed due to no more reading and had to check the reviews so I could write one of there weren't that many reviews....


This story requires A LOT of love, people.... GIVE IT LOVE!

it's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good! even if its not like the previous story but this story is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery addicting when you get past the first chapters. (can't remember which ones)


also note, this is a indepth review by me which hardly gives full 5 stars.... =) I do give 5 stars for quick reviews and just scoring if It doesn't have enough love but not for indepth stories. hardly such stories

Reborn with the All-Seeing-Eyes

One of the Top Two Naruto Fan Fics I read....

I rate this Naruto Fanfic to Top 2...

Well the top one is hard to beat (Dexter) due to Its Main Char has a such deep background. well on the other hand

This is Hinata..... the shy girl who gets whipped around everywhere..... and takes nearly the entire story for her to say "no" or well in some cases...

Gives a lot of background, dunno if its fan or based on real (Thou I believe fan, Not really into naruto tbh) in later parts (Review at Ch 15)


I have to say. I like it.... Wanting me to read more....


Grammar? Nothing wrong there, doesn't bother me so I give full score for that... (Some stories just are unreadable.... if it doesnt bother me, then its full score)


Character score at 4? why? hard to say, can't remember or can't put it out.... go read it to understand....


Style? well its quite a nice style =) thou some Background is too much ;) thou that's to be expected from a story that's has awesome setting & background but the story itself is veeeeeeeeery bad (talking about main story, the fanfic is deprived from)



If u like gendbend, then read it, if not go away! SHOOO!


The Arcane Emperor

Great story, missing more chapters....

Great Story, Usually don't write a lot reviews. nor do i care.... one of the few stories that is low on chapters, yet A LOT has happened, the page count do wonders, Chapter 33 and I felt like I read a thick book already.


Story progression is fast, but a reasonable rate.

Grammar: Perfectly readable for me, I am no grammar nazi, I don't even spot mistakes where 7 of 10 would find.... so my background in that is very bad, but I havn't found mistakes, or maybe I did but ignored it due to moore's law or something like that... I dunno

Style Score: Lacking some details that would had been wonder, but still gives enough details. I like the writing style thou.

Character Score: They feel quite good, but not "alive" (very emotionally attached that is), tons of details could be entered, yet at  the same time the details are there..... I don't even remember how they look (meaning weak first impressionss ->). besides our favorite [spoiler]paladin... [/spoiler] Please could you use meters and centimeters.... don't like the ft.... don't know how tiny the fairy is........ I don't wanna google it.   well its more of a U.S. vs rest of the world thing..... (Yes, U.S.A. is bad)



Quite great story, just that I don't feel so very emotionally attached to the characters, but still I feel some emotion to them, the story itself is a addiction since I read it in a ago (With breaks, spanning days. but no other story was being read in the progress) from chapter 1 to 33... (Did read a few chapters at start but forgot how it went so I reread the start.....)

Would Recommend it to most, MC feels OP while he isn't nearly OP at all, fights feel great thou some very bland making me wanting to skip some (Which I basically did) but otherwise great story..... 

Story gets a 4 star for the reason I have problems imaging it, but a 4 star WITH a good review from me (not just rating, or just small babbling without thinking about too much) is great.....

Just rating: 5/5, just babbling 5/5 but a good review: 4/5

Three Lifetimes [completed]

Description doesn't justify the story!

As I said in Title, The Description doesn't justify the story at all.

It's a good descrption its more of a montone summary of the entire story


But the story itself is GREAT!! GO AND READ IT!

They said I could become anything so I became a _____!!!

The Story itself is great, to be honest fun?

the style itself doesn’t make you bored like some stories have (which are still great)

it keeps me wanting to read, the chapters are kinda short but otherwise great


The Grammar and Spellmistakes might rather will probably throw of some people, there are A LOT of mistakes such as spell mistakes that aren’t typo such as “circle”.

There are quite a lot of typos, which means the person isn’t using Google Docs or MS Word to write. which is my recomendation to be honest, since they have spellcheckers that are quite accurate.


Grammar itself is good enough for me to read, I rarely complain  about grammar but I think it will “off” some people (looking at the Grammar nazi’s who are almost the bane of the internet, Trolls are more bane than grammar nazi’s)


The Main Character, I like her! Enough said


Story itself? It seems fun? I havn’t found a plot, thou probably a common one but if you count it, they are quite young still. with no timeskips yet and it has been all fun read almost all the time….


well Spellmistakes are the only thing that throws me off (which are easily countered with G docs or MS word or anything similiar) grammar I am not into that much as long as its readable without using native US english…. I am fine (KEEP ME AWAY F ROM NATIVE US ENGLISH! those native speakers are bane of the english language!)

Reincarnation Flower

Story was great.... Until this year.... INFO DUMPS ALL THE WAY!

Reread the older chapters when I saw author became active…. it was great…

But after until a certain event… where MC went into a wall…. The chapter after that was solved.


The story became an big info dump, no plot, no new interactions, no new nothing… JUST INFO DUMPS



One more chapter I will see if the “general” score will go down to hell…

Chapters & Reviews before were legit till chapters released 2016-01…. then the story went downhill…. I mean SERIOUSLY DOWNHILL!…. who writes an entire chapter (of 3 long paragraphs if not more) about ONE CLASS MC can chose? well aside this story author….



To Author: You had a great story ongoing but you are ruining it badly…. 30+ Chapters, 1 Year Real Life time… and MC is still hasnt hatched would say A L O T about your story



Story is a lost cause to me.... Dropped it @34... didn't even need to read 33 n 34 to know... It was a favorite as well..... First GendBent that was a favorite being dropped... that was a fic....


First Arc: Awesome, Second Arc: Undecided! only 1 ch

Have to say, One of the better stories, Not my taste exactly but it kept me reading it even thou its somewhat “not my taste, but still not bad enough to stop reading”.


I say 4.5 points for the story, To be honest, I would give it 5 p if it there was a bit more in depth about the company & conspiracy, but I guess that’s for the later arcs.


Arc 1 feels like an entire story, from start to end, A somewhat short length story that actually would have a great ending, best of it all is that It has another Arc, So we get to know if it will keep the quality up!

I hardly believe that you can keep the quality as you had in Arc 1, but if you ever manage to have same quality or better in Arc 2. I will change my review to 5. Simple as that, You could had ended story at Arc 1 but alas you Didn’t which seems AWESOME =) I love lengthy multi part stories. Let’s hope it’s as awesome as First Arc.


Do I say read it? or read it?

I say:

Read it!




Reason why for low style is for one reason, I disliked some of the combat scenes… they were boring in my eyes… I skimmed through them, but otherwise the style itself is awesome, Just that the combat scenes weren’t in my taste but don’t worry, its just my taste, not that they aren’t badly writen So keep the good work up!

Phantom Song

A Great story, Alas it was...

Don't mistake me but the overall score before was 4/5... the ending caused it to lose 1.5 in score....

The ending was so abrupt that even I didn't predict it....


Great story it was, alas the ending ruined it completely.


I hope next time you finish a story completely, If you lose motivation next time, try to figure out a way to make the story interesting for you, make a twist?, add new characters?, amnesia? reincarnation? whatever to bring you to write a proper ending for the story.

This story has a proper end, but the ending was more like a BAD END slapped to your face when you played a VN (Visual Novel).



Story was great until the end came and ruined it. Sadly Author dropped motivation if I read correctly (skimmed thru some posts on last chapter first page.) Alas 2.5 Score, if you want to read it anyway. It's a great story! just be  prepared for a BAD END