Only a Demon can Slay the Gods

If you can get past the first three chapters, or the author edits, it's pretty good.

The MC is a little too pathetic. The first three chapters are the MC repeatedly not accepting reality; he thinks he's stumbled into an elaborate cosplay/roleplay meet up in the middle of the woods.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if MC is 10 or in his 20s. (I think he's supposed to be in his 20s)

The story is interesting. The writing is good. I think the author could be quite good with a little improvement on character development. Everyone feels a little flat. I look forward to the MC, hopefully, gaining some intelligence/wisdom.

They Shall Call Me EMPRESS (Cultivation Tales of an Isekai'ed Life Coach)

A potential new great on Royal Road. The main character is a quirky stereotype of a young, vegan, Californian woman. She's a genius cultivator thanks to her past practice of meditation, but she knows nothing about cultivation or the world in general. She stumbles around in a different culture and reality, but is quick to advancement and power. Its a fun read and I'm looking forward ot more.

Soul of the Warrior

A well written story with a few downsides. Chapter 3 is a bit of a disaster, but the author is already planning on editting it.

It has a large military lean to it. Its difficult to describe what exactly stands out, but you can usually tell when a story is written by someone with military experience.

It kept me engaged to read through what's available at the moment, but I don't feel as invested as I would with a "great" story.

Edge Cases

Slice of Life, Mystery, Leveling

This has everything that makes a good story. Its well-written, its unique, and its interesting.

Its somewhat slice of life, which might turn some people off. The leveling is fairly unique, but some readers may not like that the system isn't well-defined. In fact, the system often seems like it was written by the divine equivalent of an unpaid intern.

How do people live with such a system? You're along for the ride with a party of adventures who all have uniquely broken skills. They're not necessarily brokenly strong; they're the divide by zero or what happens when an unstoppable force acts upon an immovable object. See how the system deals with these edge cases.

I've realized that advanced reviews must be 200 words long. Bah, you don't want to read my ramblings about this story. Go read the story. Alas, I'm committed to this advanced review so you get to hear that I binged this story instead of doing work. It was on a dark and dreary night. Not literally, I live in Miami and it is usually quite agreeable weather. Instead I was in the darkness of my mind. The kind of night when I know work should be done, but I'm just a little too exhausted. I see a new story on Royal Road with high ratings. Its not too long. I give into the impulse. Now I'm stuck in my imagination, following along as the author weaves their story. I forget about reality for awhile. I'm engaged in a new world only surfacing to the reality of work and responsibility after I've run out of chapters to read. I hang on for a little while longer, the author deserves a review for such work. Time resumes, I've still got work to do. Nothing left to distract me.

From the System with Love: A Quick Transmigration Story

The overarching plot is similar to "The Many Lives of Cadence Lee". The MC lives multiple unconnected lives. This is great for the author who wants to write many different plots and worlds, but can feel a little hollow for the reader.

I binged through level 1, but didn't feel like continuing on with level 2. Its hard to stay connected when each level feels like a completely different book with different characters and worlds. I don't want to start level 2, because it feels like I'm throwing away the level 1 world. Like none of it matters except for the very little she "gains" between worlds.

Despite the overarching style/story, I really like what the author has done. I'm already going into the author's profile and finding one of their other works to read.

It feels strange to suggest, but I hope the author's next story is less unique. All the top stories on royalroad right now have a single main character progressing through a single "world".

(Mother of Learning, Beware of Chicken, Paranoid Mage, The Perfect Run, Super Minion, The Last Orellen, A Journey of Black and Red, The Calamitous Bob, Borne of Caution, Vainqueur the Dragon, The Essence of Cultivation, Millenial Mage, Valkyrie's Shadow, Azarinth Healer...)

The list goes on and on. Perhaps it feels derivative, but I'd be excited for a typical "isekai progression fantasy" from the author. Maybe its "selling out", but I think Queenofthefuzzybugs is a good enough writer to be on the front page if they're willing to write a slightly cliche (but popular) story.

Lastly, I'd throw out the "comedy" tag. Its probably personal preference, but I've found very few legitimately funny stories on RR. I usually filter out stories that have the comedy tag. I think authors throw it in there because they are afraid to write a "serious" story or think they aren't good enough to do so.

This author is good enough to write a "serious" story. Ditch the comedy, I think its holding you back.