Industrial Strength Magic

Industrial Strength Magic (...)
by Macronomicon
605 pages

Perry Z has a Magical Destiny.

Born to a Magical Fantasy Princess and a nine-to-five Supervillain, Perry's never felt...adequate. He's completely magically dull, and without a scrap of superpowers.

When The System boots, he's forced to follow in his father's footsteps, but he'd rather take after his mother.

Maybe there's a way he can do both...

This is Macronomicon's take on a lighthearted slice-of-life superhero story. It is one of mine, though. should know what you're getting into =P

The Worldbuilding is primarily inspired by Superminion, which was in turn inspired by Worm.

The explicit content tags are so if I decide to dip a little dark later down the line, you can't say I didn't warn ya. Except the cussing. That's there from the beginning. I tried to tone it down but a little just slipped in there.


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Warden of Time

Warden of Time
by shortlemon
231 pages

Already on edge from a series of increasingly strange occurrences, student practitioner Juniper Lorn is not surprised to see her fears validated when the world is upended before her eyes.
The literal end of the world, however, had not been on her bingo card. Finding herself one month in the past perfectly safe and sound, even less so.
Faced with an insurmountable task, Juniper must now uncover the secrets of the time loop and find a way to escape and somehow save the universe in the process. 
A hard progression time loop story with cultivation elements.
Schedule: Wed-Fri-Sun, with occasional extra chapters.
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They Shall Call Me EMPRESS (Cultivation Tales of an Isekai'ed Life Coach)

They Shall Call Me EMPRESS (...)
by CLRobison
314 pages

Meet Lynn Lee: yoga instructor, personal trainer, life coach, and smoothie enthusiast...

Not a mystical martial artist.

Lynn is nobody special, and yet she awakens to find herself in somebody else's body in a merciless medieval world of martial arts cultivators and superhuman muscle wizards. And, what's more, the quirky meditation technique she's been practicing for years somehow gives her an edge over most of the locals. The only question is... will Lynn survive long enough to take advantage of it?

They Shall Call Me EMPRESS is my quirky take on the cultivation novel, a story of a fitness enthusiast Cali girl transported into a realm of immortal warriors and trying to survive... and maybe even thrive beyond her wildest imagination.

Chapter updates on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus, sometimes I accidentally upload chapters on Tuesdays, which will either stand in for the Wednesday chapter or be a weekly bonus chapter. It is a mystery!

Please also check out my other novel, The Shadows Become Her

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Edge Cases

Edge Cases
by SilverLinings
787 pages

Rare classes and powerful skills are helpful. Too bad the system doesn't seem built to handle them. What even are all these errors? 

Our team of outcasts and adventurers will have to rely on their trust - and the bane of all stories, healthy communication - just to survive, let alone understand what the system is doing. Because they're quickly realizing that not all is as it seems, and it's doing something to people, to monsters, and maybe even to the gods themselves.

And their goal isn't just to survive; it's to make things better. It's a good thing they're not doing it alone.


Edge Cases is an attempt to take the LitRPG genre and the overpowered MCs trope and write a story where numbers aren't everything. Sometimes it takes trust, support, and just a touch of being very, very clever.

Expect a mix of action, slice-of-life, friendship, and ominous worldbuilding.

Updates M-W-F at 6pm EST

Cover art by Alovck of Artstation, and typesetting by jessessey right here on RoyalRoad.

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Solo Apocalypse

Solo Apocalypse
by Unreliable
222 pages

An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

Evahn Wynst was no more prepared for the apocalypse than the next person. When disaster struck, it came swiftly and without warning, turning over the world in a mere instant. Order one moment, chaos the next. In an unfamiliar world, teeming with equal danger and wonder, he will have to find his place amongst the rubble. All while navigating a new and dangerous reality.

Luckily, he's not alone. He had himself. And himself.

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Dungeon Devotee

Dungeon Devotee
by Nixia
335 pages

Through all of Linaria, no dungeon holds such a grip on the dreams of men as the Eternal Depths.  Hundreds throw themselves against its trials each day.  Dozens survive, walking away with power and wealth beyond their wildest dreams… until they go back for more.  One way or another, they all eventually feed the Depths.

Edmund Montgomery Ahab has sworn to destroy it.

Underleveled, undertrained, and underprepared, Edmund steps into the maw of the world’s greatest predator, a sword in his hand and vengeance on his mind.  At first his task seems impossible, but with every level he earns, every piece of loot that drops, every secret he uncovers, and especially every bit of power he can squeeze from his mysterious connection to the Aspect of Madness, Edmund crawls closer to accomplishing that insurmountable feat.

With nothing else to lose, Edmund has already given the Depths his life.  All that remains to be seen is whether he takes the dungeon’s right back.

Dungeon Devotee is an episodic serial.  It will never be taken down for KU.  Each chapter details a single floor of Edmund’s journey through the vast Eternal Depths, with all the levels and loot and lack of cliffhangers that entails.  New chapters come out on the first of each month.

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The Natural

The Natural
by Lightningwarrior
1.4k pages

Leo's first order of business when he is dropped unceremoniously into the pokemon world is to survive. Seeing as he is in the middle of the wild with only a small pocketknife, some papers, and a backpack, and with no signs of civilization in sight, that is setting up to be quite the task. 

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From the System with Love: A Quick Transmigration Story

From the System with (...)
by Queenofthefuzzybugs
939 pages

User: What's a "transmigration"?
System: I believe it's another term for "world hopping".
User: Oh.... but I'm not world hopping, I'm fixing timelines?
System: The author thought this sounded better.
User: Eh well, they're the author so...wait, who do you love?
System: ???
User: The title says, "With Love", so who do you love?
System: Ha. Ha. Ha. The author thinks they are witty.
User: So you don't love anyone?
System: This system is programmed to work.
User: That's not answering my question.
System: ...User, about the next mission...

Felicia died and somehow got selected for a job fixing dimensional errors. Helping her complete her tasks is a strange machine-like being called DARS. Follow her as she makes her way through 10 different dimensions and slowly discovers the real reason behind her "selection".


Author's Note: This is my spoof/homage to the Quick Transmigration genre. There is an overarching story (with the main tags being: romance, slice-of-life, fantasy, and comedy) and then "level" specific stories with their own genres and tags. To get an idea of what you're in for, please read the level below. Levels will (and have!) been changed to fit my mood, but their titles/themes generally remain the same.

NO UPDATE SCHEDULE (sorry). A story I write when I need a break from other works.


Level 1 (Completed): How to Raise a Cold CEO - Siblings, Child-to-Adult, Slice-of-Life, Drama
Level 2 (Current): The Sins of the Mother - Fictional Medieval Era, Parenthood, Tsundere, Forever Alone
Level 3: The Henchman Demands a Raise - Childhood Friends, Genius, High-school, Rags-to-Riches, Superpowers
Level 4: Demon Lord, Repent and be Saved! - Magic, Demons, Romance, Overbearing Love Interest
Level 5: Who Needs the Female Lead? - Romance, Modern, Slice-of-Life, Doting Love Interest, Tragedy
Level 6: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, What Big Teeth You Have! - Dragons, Princess, Travel, Clingy Love Interest, Time-Loop, Magic
Level 7: Evil Step-Mom Retires to Eat Melon Seeds - Doting Parent, Fictional Ancient China, Absent Father Figure, Court Drama
Level 8: Join Demon Sect Today: High Pay, Fast Promotion, Best Benefits! - Cultivation, Asian Theme, Boss, Minions, Monsters, Comedy, Black-bellied Love Interest
Level 9: Trending: #hivemindwantsyourautograph - Sci-fi, Aliens, Invasion, Misunderstandings, Ambiguous Love
Level 10: Dogs are More than Man’s Best Friend - Magic, Slavery, Beastmen, Nobility, Riches-to-Rags, Slow Romance

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Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG

Double-Blind: A Modern (...)
by Eligos
977 pages

Choosing a college when your family is struggling can be difficult, but it isn’t supposed to be world ending. And the falling meteor is seriously limiting Matt’s options. 

Now in the aftermath, his home city is locked down by a mysterious dome, corporations are looking to monopolize a wealth of new untapped resources, and people are suddenly developing powers via a system that seems to have borderline sinister intentions. In the chaos, he decides to stick to what he knows: stay out of the spotlight, grind, and survive.

Watch as Matt is dragged into a dark LITRPG set in the real world, where the price of failure is death, and the prize for winning is beyond his wildest dreams. 


There’s a couple big influences here: Solo-Leveling, Squid Game, and Code Geass. If you enjoy LITRPG stories with morally gray characters, high stakes, and smart protagonists who start weak and eventually become powerful in a unique way, you’ll probably find something to like. But be forewarned. It won’t be easy.

I'll be writing this fast, so keep in mind there's likely to be typos that we'll correct as we go.

Developmental Editing by Lev.

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Paranoid Mage

Paranoid Mage
by InadvisablyCompelled
1k pages

Now on Book Three!  Check the Volumes selector to make sure you start at the right place!

Book One: Paranoid Mage

Buy on Amazon!

Callum had seen things all his life.  There are monsters and beasts living among people, but he learned very early not to admit such things, not if he didn’t want people to think him crazy.

It turns out that the supernatural is real, but at thirty Callum has no desire to be part of that secret.  Not that he has a choice when it turns out he is a mage, albeit one that hasn’t cast any spells in all his life.  There are requirements, duties, and education that the powers that be insist he be subject to.

To hell with that.

Book Two: Renegade Mage

Buy on Amazon!

After escaping from the Guild of Arcane Regulation and the Bureau of Secret Enforcement, Callum has lost his greatest protection: his obscurity.  Now the powers that be know who he is, and hiding is harder than ever.  Nor is hiding a plan, just a reaction.

Now Callum is forced to decide how he wants to approach the supernatural world, and how he’s going to keep himself secure when the apparatus of government is arrayed against him.  Even if he wanted to live as a mage, that bridge has been thoroughly burned, and even if he wanted to live as a normal person, he is far too deep to close his eyes to what he’s seen.

He has to make his own terms.

Book Three: Heretic Mage

Callum is at war with the Guild of Arcane Regulation, the organization that governs mages on Earth.  He’s spent most of his time lying low and hiding out, trying to understand what he can do and how he can remain free from their meddling.  What he’s learned is that he can’t.

It’s time to move from reaction to action, and take on GAR and its evils directly.

Paranoid Mage is an urban fantasy but it goes rather sideways from the normal stuff fairly quickly. 

Chapters are Fridays, 5PM EST, with approximately 5,000 words per chapter.

Join our Discord!

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Royal Blood

Royal Blood
by Argentorum
174 pages

A LitRPG progression Fantasy

I am a worthless prince with a useless Blessing in a world where deep running waters threaten to pull even the most experienced warriors under.

Lucky me, I’ve always been a good swimmer.

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Jackal Among Snakes

Jackal Among Snakes
by Nemorosus
1.4k pages

The royal bastard of House Vasquer, Argrave, changed after his stay studying magic at the Tower of the Gray Owl. The sickly man's awkward posture and cruel behavior have been replaced with a neat dignity and acerbic wit. Though once listless, he now strives towards his goals with a life-or-death tenacity. Most come away thinking he seems to know too many details about too much. Few can claim to know his motives or his goals. 

Yet behind that confident appearance, the primary contributor for an open-world RPG's wiki battles existential dread and things far beyond his ken as he struggles to adapt to a grim, gothic fantasy world mirroring his favorite game. The prospect of fighting against a world-ending calamity loses all of its appeal when it transitions from entertainment to reality. Argrave is spurred towards unwanted heroism to preserve his life as he struggles desperately to keep this sinking ship afloat.


Releases 5x a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Cover by Mitchell Kirby:

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