Meh Pom

Meh Pom

Dream of the Abyss

I'm confused, but pleased.

Honestly the best paranormal fiction on Royal road. While the author sometimes gets lost in their explanations, for example repeating the same points multiple times in the same chapter, they got much better at portaying a real strange, breathing world in the as of now released chapters. 
I'm hooked! 



Not for you if you dislike awkward moments.

Originaly liked it. But MC starting to call daddy an old man she only met right a the moment and acting all cute between each other was pretty off puting. Turbo lesbian romance sadly is not my thing either.

RE: Trailer Trash

Contemporary made not boring.

I normaly never read Contemporary because it usually sounds bland and uninteresting. But this novel made me curious, and a of chapter 6 I can say it's defenitly not a waste of your time to start reading it. Well written, characters feels realist even if a little cliché (real life is pretty cliché anyway) and MC is relatable. Absolutely have a go if you're still browsing the reviews.

Nova Terra: Titan

I love how the game had trouble registering how strong he was. Also, Mc wields a damn arbalest.


Very Nice and comfy.

MC has real issues that you can relate to, real life world building is well done with hints here and there. Game world worldbuilding happens mre often of course, but really you mostly learn at the same time as the MC, as opposed to an author shoving bricks of context down your brain, so its okay.