An Unknown Swordcraft

Really liking the story so far. It's a rather western fantasy/wuxia hybrid containing many familiar tropes mixed with more unique world-building and storyline concepts. The tone is light, and I would define it as "doesn't take itself to seriously" approaching "comedic." Sometimes this seems to conflict with the seriousness of certain events in the story, but the beauty of a more humorous tone is that you can skim over discrepancies and still enjoy the final product.

Note that unlike rather a lot of stories here on RR, power progression comes second to storyline. I think this is wonderful, but note that at 26 chapters in, the protagonist is still very weak compared to many of those around him, and is unlikely to progress much faster in the future.

As I said, I'm very much enjoying this entry to the writathon, and hope the author will see their book to the end.

Rise of the Realm (Dungeon Core)

This is, as has been said before, a pretty standard dungeon story. The pacing has been quick enough to keep me entertained so far. Otherwise, the grammar/spelling is pretty meh but not bad enough to be incomprehensible. That said, Mr. Wyrm has a frequent tendency to forget the word 'not' in his sentences, which can be disorienting. Again, though, it's pretty obvious when this happens, so the meaning remains clear.

Anima Adrift

His powers are like Jason's from He Who Fights with Monsters in that their descriptions make my eyes bleed from how goddam sharp they are. Otherwise it's a very enjoyable story with entertaining humor and good pacing.

Also, I wanna be isekaied and Olav promised me I would be if I reviewed.

Please, Olav, save me, for I fear the eternal void of nonexistance that is Death and pray everyday to our absent Gods to show mercy on my insignificant mortal self.

A Lonely Tree

Edit: I stoped reading this story around chapter 30. Still think it has potential with some editing to both grammar and storyline, but I'll be changing my rating to 3 stars rather than 5.

It's a dungeon story with more focus on the humans who interact with the dungeon than the gem itself. I rather like it this way, myself, but I suppose it could be offputting to some. The author also mentioned that they plan to give the dungeon more of the spotlight in the future, so there's also that.

It's not a litrpg, but the magic system is fairly intriguing.

The grammar is... not great, but the writing does flow pretty well and the meanings are clear. That's all you can really ask for from a webnovel, so full points in that regard. I think there were also some spelling errors (like breeching the surface, which I thought was pretty funny). Again, it's a webnovel, and one being written in a rush to finish NanoWriMo; I can only commend the author for their writing so far.

I agree with the other reviewer who mentioned caricatured characters, except for John and the Prince. The Prince because we've hardly seen him yet, John because he's pretty low-key in general. He seems to edge on the side of good, but he's no mega-moral paladin and is not by any means invincible. That is to say, he's not a caricature of an overly perfect mc, which is where I think my fellow reviewer might have been coming from.

That said, the villians are all pretty much wholehearted jerks right now. That that said, it's not a huge problem because the line dividing the 'villians' and the 'good guys' isn't super clear-cut. The greatest dividing line is between the humans and the dungeon + drybolds. The dungeon and drybolds are just following their instincts without especial malice, and the humans are a mixed bag (from which each the good guys and the bad guys arise). My big problem with caricatures is that they are often used to make self-righteous jerk/psychopath mcs seem legitimately righteous, and I don't see that happening here. It's more just that the good guys have to figure out ways to work around the bad guys. Nevertheless, I do want Chase dead. 

Moving on, there seems to be some light political intrigue in the works, which I think could be fun.

I'm rather enjoying the story so far. Kudos to the author ;)

Wander West, in Shadow

Hidden Gem? More Like Hidden Crown Jewel

This is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of reading, period. It's up there on my big list next to The Prince of Thorns, The Emperor's Blades, and Dawn of Wonder. Everything I could ever want in a fantasy novel, it provides: romance, worldbuilding, a sense of progression, and a wondrous magic system that leans just soft enough to really feel magical without dissapointment of a reflavored deus ex machina.

The style aligns perfectly with the story, meandering along with the characters as they progress through their journey. Even the dialogue (which is very proper) lends itself to the serious and grand tone of the adventures.

I love the story and characters. There is no dearth of compelling mystery and dramatic motivations keeping me anticipating each word with baited breath.

The grammar is almost perfect, too. I find the occasional spelling error and somewhat-unclear sentence, but that's about it.

Man, it's going to be hard going back to some of my usual RR fare, lol.

Omg, how many words is 200. I really like the novel, ok? How many times do I need to say it before I can post a review, lol?

Apparently 200 words is this many :/


Fun Village Management Story

The first thing I'll note is that the terminology in this story can be a tad misleading, as the Dungeons and Dragons (lol) in the world of Demesne are far from what we normally think of when we hear those terms. THAT SAID, I think Shadow Crystal Mage's versions are actually significantly cooler than the usual. Needless to say, I find the worldbuilding of this story to be one of its attractions.

A second note is that the main character is a bit of a dick. She's competent, smart, and not actively evil, but she doesn't really care a whole lot about most other people. Still--and as annoyed by her as I sometimes am--she's good at her job and seems to be maturing emotionally as the story progresses (even just in the 16 chapters currently published). It also helps that she has a vastly more empathetic and charismatic subordinate to balance her out (potential romance?). I'm also interested in another character called Katrina. She seems like a good kid, and I'm interested to see how her role will evolve over time.

I think the pacing's good, and while I'm sure it contains some grammar and spelling errors they've not been significant enough for me to take any especial notice. The author is obviously a skilled writer.


This was an incredible read; a step above most royal road stories, and even some professionally published ones. Having been reading pretty much exclusively royal road for the past year, it takes a lot to drag me away from my beloved progression fantasies and power p*rn novels, and this story was more than up for the task.

The grammar and spelling are essentially flawless, and the humor is delightfully dry and satirical. Also pretty much the first time I've actually enjoyed multiple viewpoints rather than being put off by them.

Literally only found this by pressing the "Surprise Me" button, and I feel so very lucky that I did. I'm just sad that I only came across it through luck, this story simply does not get the attention it deserves.

A fine octet of legs

I was on the edge of my seat for the last, like, 8 chapters. Bunch of cliffhangers, but the really steep ones seem to be about done at the time I'm reviewing (which is also the time I found this, so dodged a bullet there, lol).

It hardly needs to be said that this is a well-written story; I wouldn't be so invested otherwise.

Just a Bystander

Little butterflies of joy go flittering around my stomach when I read this.


An academy-centered plot that very quickly expands to include global implications.

Really good grammar, character development, etc. for a Royal Road book.