1. Re: Series wherein the MC really is the only guy NOT to get a “cheat power”

      Ah, I see you've read some Arifureta? (the light novel) xD

    2. Re: Webnovel where the MC gets isekai'd to a xianxia world with a shop system and has to train disciples but h(...)

      that sounds interesting. Would be great to get that on Audible right about now lol

    3. Re: Can you write a book without describing your characters looks?

      I think it's best for people not to spend way too much time on description unless it matters to the plot. Describe what they look like in a sentence or two, but don't spend all day.  The details will (...)

    4. Re: What are some of the difficulties an author on RoyalRoad faces?

      The rule of thumb is 2,000 followers after 2 months if you want your story to be a commercial success. The range of flow through from followers to Patreon ranges from 0.023 up to +0.1 for established stories (...)

    5. Re: The stories that captivated but went on hiatus

      welp, I guess I'll be the guy to mention Dante's Immortality.  :DrakanFascinating: Loved the audiobook and then the author vanished.  (I heard the speculation, but it still sucks)

    6. Re: Generally Hilarious Stories

    7. Re: Any novels with breast growth?

      Bro wtf XD  a really random thing to ask on a public forum

    8. Re: Are there any stroies where mc is in the body of a anime character Here you go!

    9. Re: should i restart/ fix the plot of my story

      Remember one thing about writing is RE-writing.

    10. Re: What do you look for in a lit rpg comedy?

      That's what I'm doing. Aleron Kong is very good at in The Land: Chaos seeds, series. 

    11. Re: Dungeon Ideas

      I haven't gotten to that point in my LitRPG, but I will look into this thread for some inspiration xD.  I actually realize today that my story reminds me of Persona in a way. I have a few humorous ideas (...)

    12. Re: How many chapters do you wait for before deciding to read a story?

      What about those of us who write longer chapters XD?  (Like no less than 3500 words XD) 

    13. Re: Story with System, and Power Levelling (Like the MC, justs shoots up into the realm of OP)

      Look no further: LitRPG fun.  While the main character isn't god tier right off the bat, you will be able to tell (...)