The Pinnacle of Power

The Pinnacle of Power (...)
by Syr456
44 pages

Death can come for us anytime. Seriously, anytime! Greg was simply taking the best dump of his life when a truck smashed into his apartment, killing the college graduate instantly.

I think you know where this is going…

He is pulled from the blackness that would’ve taken him to the land of the dead to a new world! The unsettling nun that reincarnated Greg is actually the dean of a magic academy. She knows there’s something interesting chained within the untapped power of the young man, but he must accept her offer.

Attend the academy and graduate. He’s even free to learn the magic required to go back to his old world.

However, she knows the organization responsible for his death and if he was accidentally caught into a dispute or if something nefarious is going on.


Welcome to Omen’s Sphere Academy.

A novel where the academy actually matters.


 To the harem crusader squad: none in this one. 

Schedule: potentially Mondays and Thursdays.

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System Programmer

System Programmer
by Jean-Philippe Janssens
87 pages

After dying, our main character found himself summoned by a young woman. She comes from a long line of summoners and had expected to partner up with a powerful being, like the rest of her family. Instead, she summoned a computer programmer, who from now on will be living inside her head. Powerless, he's unable to help her with the upcoming war. Disappointed that neither of them had been blessed by fate with some divine abilities, he decides to build a computer system inside her head himself.



Volume 1 of the series is now available on Amazon Kindle! 

If you like the series, please check it out! 

Volume 2 is now available for pre-order and will be released on April 1st! 


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The Winds of Fate B1 - The Blood of Kings

The Winds of Fate B1 (...)
by theyank
872 pages

The Great Winter reaches its third year and creatures of nightmare thought to be long extinct roam the land once more. The Oathbreaker stirs from his icy prison, calling upon his servants both past and present. The wolf howls, the dragon roars and the serpent thrashes as the world unravels. Heroes will rise, for this will be the age to end all ages.

The spirited girl escapes the shackles of tradition, searching for adventure, finding much more.

The craven boy goes after her in the name of love.

The man with no hand seeks an old friend, and the dragon searches for that which will restore her race.

The hero-turned-blacksmith leaves his family to save the world. His friend the King wishes him dead.

The blacksmith’s son goes after his father, questioning what it means to be a hero.

Their paths intertwine. They guide the Winds of Fate, weaving the song of our salvation. The Twilight of the World approaches.

The Heroes of Faengard will ride again. Let the sun rise, and the world be reborn through the ashes of war.

Old Synopsis:


Release Schedule: I aim to release a minimum of one chapter a week, though sometimes I might release more.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover image in any way. Full credit goes to the original artist.

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The Breath of Creation [DROPPED]

The Breath of Creation (...)
by lightningwarrior21
865 pages

General Summary:

Sometimes, the multiverse needs expanding. That's where I come in. But, unfortunately, being a deity isn't all fun and games (and is incredibly complicated), as there are always things working against you. Not even the God of the Multiverses can change that. 

Another Summary:

Twelve souls were chosen to expand into the void surrounding the known universe(s), and were given a grace period in which they would experience a relatively safe expansion of their domains. Once that period is up, however, they are free to interact with each other...and what lurks in the depths of the Abyss, the Void, and the Primordial Chaos. I am one of those souls. And let me tell you, this shit ain't easy. Between trying to raise mortals into an immortal army, with which I can defend my domain, dealing with my children, and trying to maintain the balance between all realms of existance, I have my work cut out for me. Sigh. Now I know why, back on Earth, gods worked in mysterious, invisible ways. There's just too much to be done. 

Formerly called RE: Deity

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