1. About Editing (Developemental, line, copy) and Proofreading

      I'm horrible at editing myself immediately after I've written something. Usually because I read what's in my head not on the page unless I focus deeply or let a few weeks go by. So, I thought for anyone (...)

    2. RE: First Line of a Story

      Vanidor- wow that link seriously helped.  I think I came up with a much better first few lines.  Here, give me your thoughts. Screeching tires and shattering glass cut through the standard noise, (...)

    3. RE: First Line of a Story

      Gaiadarkstar, only you can write the story the way you want. No two people will write it the same no matter how many plot or character parts are the same. Each author's voice is unique unless the scrub (...)

    4. RE: First Line of a Story

      I hope people are still doing this cause I really need help on my story.  Here is the first few paragraphs, please and thank you.  A good example of how to make it better would be appreciated. --- (...)

    5. RE: First Line of a Story

      Below is a link to some advice from a professional editor and author. Keep in mind that while any writing rule has been broken by some great author(Magician Apprentice by Feist breaks my point about weather (...)

    6. RE: First Line of a Story

      Hmm so... ------------------------- Heavy rain pelted down in the crowded rural town of Korha, light grey clouds blanketed the sky and a cold gentle breeze wafted in every so often. The clouds were quickly (...)

    7. RE: The FIrst Rule of Storytelling

      While I think more showing is generally needed there are plenty of great writers have used telling. While showing is generally superior it's too simple to write it off to laziness. Showing everything can (...)