System Change

System Change
by SunriseCV
113 pages

Years ago, Earth was indoctrinated into the "System."

Earth was not the only place with the System, however. With the System came the other races, Invaders. The Invaders had one goal, to obtain ownership of this new habitable planet. This created a bloodbath, and for years the war raged.

This didn't really have much to do with Derek. Derek was kind of a loner. Yeah, he enjoyed the occasional chat or drink with others, but he never stayed in one place too long or really got to know anybody new.

Derek did happen to be rather strong. After the years of fighting monster and Invaders alone, he had become quite adept at surviving. One thing that helped keep him alive was his refusal to get involved with others. He rarely cooperated with teams.

One day, Derek broke his rules and decided to lend some help, as the mission didn't seem too hard. He should have stuck to being alone.

Hey everyone, this is my fiction, "System Change." It's the first time I've really tried to write a serial. All feedback is really appreciated. 

I plan to release chapters every Tuesday and Thursday. With occasional extra chapters being released. 

I will try to maintain a word count between 1500-2500 words per chapter.

Thank you!

I just made a Discord if anyone wants to join. 

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Mana System - Hello, World! [REVISED]

Mana System - Hello, (...)
by mmarkgraf
453 pages

What would you do if your world collapsed and you had less than an hour to choose a suitable role that would allow you to survive?

Would you give in to despair?

Paul choose to fight for survival, now he has to face off against predatory animals, monsters, and even the land itself all modified by the Mana System. Eventually, he will have to face off against a foe even deadlier than the rest. Humans!

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The Runesmith

The Runesmith
by Kuropon
430 pages

What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?

Will his knowledge in hardware technology help him out after he discovers its correlation to the words of power?

How will he fit in with the other noble houses as the lowly 4th son?

How will his story play out in a world where skills and stats equal power and status?


First time trying to write a LitRPG, so problems might arise x3

Discord: Click here Here 

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Enchanting Pays Way Better!

Enchanting Pays Way Better! (...)
by TeenageAuthor
173 pages

Okay, synopsis writing is hard!

Johnathan Cribb was not the best humanity had to offer, not even close.

Following John's untimely death, we will see our morally questionable lead enter a new and fantastical world with a new mindset on life.

A newfound skill in enchanting proves to be worth far more than John could have guessed. It pays so well, that John decides to invest in adventuring in his new world. After all, there are monsters to slay, maidens to lay, and secrets to be uncovered! John will take to his new role swimmingly. That is, of course, if he can get that damn stat screen to work correctly!

Updates: The current release goal is at LEAST once a week. More if I'm able.

The cover is in no way mine, if you are the owner of this artwork please tell me if you want it taken down.


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Margrave's Divinity (Rewrite)

Margrave's Divinity (Rewrite)
by Endemus
161 pages

Power always comes with a price.

Seventeen years ago, obsidian towers thousands of feet tall erupted from the earth near the world’s population centers. Strange magic accompanied their appearance—powerful and inexplicable abilities granted to lucky humans, called Embers for the burning in their eyes.

Lyle isn’t lucky, though. When the recently-unemployed college dropout finally manages to get his hands on a Cinder, he is utterly disappointed to find that he will never be an Ember like his father or brother. Before he even has time to process his failure, a strange Ember shoves him through a tear in reality and into the cave of a dragon, where the titanic beast claims to be an ancient goddess of myth and legend. She has a gift for him, but it comes with a warning. 

War is coming.


Posting Thursdays and Sundays at 8am Central.

Confused about the rewrite? See my letter to previous readers here.

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The Bloodiest Mage. (Litrpg)

The Bloodiest Mage. (Litrpg)
by KingKennit
632 pages

Other Tags: Comedy (Think more Fallout NV than something grimdark)

Nicolas Ward, Nic for friends, found himself in a giant pool of blood. After swimming to the edge of the pool he saw that what he previously thought were rocks turned out to be slumped over bodies.
After he got out and had a short rest a message popped into his head.

Class change available.

None -> Hemomancer

Join Nic on his attempt to survive in a world hell bent on killing him. 
There are monsters, murderers, mages, maniacs and all-around bad guys.
All in a world that should have given up long ago but somehow keeps on living.
With bastards and bandits running amok he spends every waking moment trying to survive this run-down shitty ash covered wasteland. 

Discord for those interested:

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Labyrinthia's Maze

Labyrinthia's Maze
by Labyrinthia
529 pages

I had always found the idea of “Other Worlds” stupid. Magic wasn’t real. Even if it was the chance of someone spiriting away someone form a world without magic to a world with seemed utterly stupid. After all, what good would a tech geek do in a world of dungeons and dragons. Well, jokes on me, I guess.

As I was about to log out of the NVR game I have been obsessing over for over 8 years, I blacked out. Next thing I know I am now living as my in game avatar in another world. Only I am now back to scratch, no more giant 200 floor dungeon, no more army of minions and traps, just me and a small room in the ground. Luckily I have all I need to slowly rebuild my dungeon, I only hope I live long enough to do so.

Who sent me here, what do they want from me and can I ever return home? There better be answers to these questions because, while being my avatar is awesome, I also want to go home… I think.

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Reborn as a Fantasy World Dungeon

Reborn as a Fantasy World (...)
by ramouton
243 pages

The title is a working title only, at some point, hopefully by chapter twenty, I will decide on a more fitting one.

Currently still reviewing the title poll results and the suggestions.

My current release schedule here on royalroad, is every other Sunday at 1PM MST

Chapter 21 is on tap for 2020-11-01

Chapters 1-3 1st pass edit 2020-07-23 8PM MST.
(The First Paragraph, (edited 2020-07-23)): 

My name is James Erikson. I am a 22 year old, Physics, Electrical Engineering double major at Stanford in my senior year. It had been a long day prepping for semester finals, I needed a good hot shower. I was on the way back to my dorm from the Green Library having returned some books on Quantum Mechanics, the Interaction of the Strong and Weak Nuclear forces under the influence of Strong Gravitational fields, and a book on the history of modern electronics. It was about 8:45 PM on Monday, November 15th, 2021, and I was getting ready to cross Campus Drive near the Student Services center, when unexpectedly, Lisa, my younger brothers girlfriend called out to me. I turned towards her, twisting my ankle in the process, and started to fall. I am looking at her face, I can see her eyes widening in shock in the street-lamps glow. I can see her start to scream the word “NO” when I am suddenly plunged into utmost blackness. 

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The boy who fell in love with a tree

The boy who fell in love (...)
by HeisenbergNasc
404 pages

This is story about a boy how fell in love with a tree…

A story about powerful people changing the rulebook to stack the odds and line their pockets…

I aim to create a story that will transport us so we get a glimpse of what that boy felt. The first 4 Chapters might be classified as a prologue depending on how you look at it. The boy quickly grows and the story really starts when the System arrives on Earth. I’m trying to achieve a relatively slow power progression and guide what we learn at a pace following the people in the story. There will be fighting but It’s more focused on base building. The MC is not all powerful and all-knowing but he has some significant advantages.

 I’m trying to create a universe that makes sense in its own context. Much of what you will find, are my own world views, in a magnified way, as to make it for interesting fiction. The story took a life of its own when I started to write and I’m really happy with it. Not all of the tags I have marked will immediately be applicable. There is stuff planed for far in the future such as the Sci-fi tag. There might be some cursing and gore but it is not very often.


English is not my primary language, so I ask everyone to be forgiving. If you see a glaring error I would appreciate a msg but it is not feasible to fix everything. And if the story offends you, I wish you happiness, reading what you enjoy.


Img link:

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Oak: A Tree's Quest

Oak: A Tree's Quest
by RavensDagger
27 pages

Oak, a level 12 Dryad of the Darkwoods, sets out on a mission to defeat an old nemesis.

A Cinnamon Bun Sidestory

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by LeeSinToYourHeart
536 pages

The apocalypse was not kind to humanity. The survivors of the system's arrival banded together as they could, but the harshness of the new reality they faced whittled away at their numbers. A decade later, only a few humans remained, holed up in the last stronghold left. Frank was one of them, his survival as much luck as it was ability. As the final assault broke through their defenses, he felt the end approach. He accepted his death, only to wake up at the beginning. Can he change his fate? The fate of his species?

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Long War

Long War
by Mirrond
412 pages

Against humanity’s hopes, neither leaving Earth nor expanding through the galaxy could change our nature. As mankind expanded throughout the stars, so too did our problems. Struggles which will haunt humanity until the unforgiving galaxy finally claims the last human life.

Almost four hundred years have passed since the downfall of the Solar Commonwealth, our first and last joint interstellar government. Mankind has broken apart into dozens of subspecies, hundreds of religions, and tens of thousands of nations. The Solar Federation and the Confederation of Mankind never ceased their struggle to become the Commonwealth’s true successor. The Long War continues ever on. All while numerous outside forces threaten the survival of them both.

Now, however, something unpredictable has happened in one of the forgotten corners of Human Space. A man from another era has received a mission. Will he merely become a footnote in history? Or perhaps he is the herald of the end of the stalemate and the conclusion of the Long War?


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