Genius has an Infinite Capacity

Style 5/5: The style of the story is mainly relaxed and somewhat tending to the comic side. But when the time comes for it to be serious, it changes the mood in a smooth manner that makes it look completely natural. To me, that is something hard to accomplish, so I gave the style a 5/5.

Grammar: This is not something I am perfectly qualified to judge, but I couldn't find any big mistakes, so it also gets a 5/5.

Story 4/5: The main reason the story score is 4/5 is that's too soon to tell much about it. The story has huge potential and depending on how it develops it could become great.

I would give a recommendation on this point. And that is, try to avoid cliches as much as you can. Don't get me wrong, the fiction feels really original, but sometimes it feels like it falls to common cliches. For now, its nothing is just the normal amount every story has (it's unavoidable), I  just don't want to see this great story ruined by common cliches because I really like it.


Character score 4/5: Again the same problem, the lack of chapters. We still don't know much about the characters background and they hadn't had the time to develop either. The interactions between the mc and his best friend are great and filled with a humorous tone. 

Overall: The story is great and has much potential. Give it a chance if you are a fan of magic and fantasy world, you will surely enjoy it

Song of Helheim: Homecoming

Dark and gloomy world, brilliant story

 Style: The whole story gives a gloomy feeling of dark fantasy that on my part I like a lot. The story quickly makes you care for our main character, and a little more slowly about his beloved one. The style, in general, is great, the only downside to me is that sometimes the author takes a lot of time describing places. that while they are useful for immersion for some readers it could get tedious. 

Grammar: I noticed some mistakes but it is not nearly enough to decrease the enjoyment.

Story: The story has a rich world-building, clearly well thought, with a lot of potential to develop. It is well carried in the way the plot progresses and how the events feel natural.  The pace could be a little faster, but besides that, I have nothing to complain.

Character: The characters are one of this story stong points. Like I said before the mc is easy to sympathize with and his interactions with the rest of the characters are natural. ( Each character feels real given the context). 


So far the story is great, so I would say to keep doing what you are doing that is going well.

My World To Live

Style: As the title says this story is made for those who want to escape to a new world and enjoy the journey more than the destination. Or at least, that is what the style of this story is showing me. It is heavily focused on this new world in which our protagonist arrives and how she explores the new wonders around her. The whole novel transmits a free-spirited feeling of exploration and wonder that is one of the things that makes this story special.

Grammar score: English is not my first language, so I can't say much besides that I didn't notice any major mistakes and the author wields a rich vocabulary (especially when it comes to descriptions).

Story: It is hard to tell where the story leads, the chapters are short so the story hasn't gotten that far yet. For now, it sticks to that free-spirited style with no clear plot or goal other than the exploration of this new world. But judging by the heavy and detailed world-building, I guess that's going to change pretty soon. Hopefully, still retaining that same sense of wonder and exploration that makes this story great.

Character Score: Again, the same problem of the lack of chapters makes it hard to rate this aspect. In my opinion, the bond between the fox and our main character is still a little superficial and their personalities, their motives to do what they do could be more detailed. But again there are few chapters so there is still time to explore their personalities and for them to develop. 

Overall, is four stars mainly because the story is still young. Till now ( chapter five-2) is great and I will keep reading it. It has a lot of potential and depending on how it goes it could go downhill or become a really good five star. Judging from the great world-building I'm betting for the second.