1. Re: wish fulfillment is a good thing

      I'd argue that most fictions contain an element of wish fulfillment.  The percentage is differs greatly, but it's very difficult to get away from, even in a tragedy, where it's wish fulfillment until the (...)

    2. Re: Royalroad is becoming like webnovel (in terms of quality of fiction)

      I disagree.  Webnovel has their own story trends that are a different than royal roads.  The one exception I can think of is Chrysalis, which is on both, and is a fun read. My opinion is that the (...)

    3. Re: so I'm gonna do something possibly insane

      Robinhood, the basebuilding litrpg

    4. Re: Looking for help with my writing style

      What I did, which may or may not work for you  was take what I liked from several different authors and try to write a scene using each on of their styles. So, for example, I thought grrm did political (...)

    5. Re: First attempt at writing a book of any size, any input would be appreciated.

      Right now your blurb doesn't tell me anything.   What's this story about?  Who should I root for?  Why? The your prologue is about a betrayed evil being, which doesn't inspire reader empathy.   (...)

    6. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      So...  there's a whole lot of talk in this thread about numbers and bears. What I don't understand is why no one is talking about couches.   See, the way I see it, is if the comfortability rating (...)

    7. Re: Finished first book!

      Finishing a book is a lot harder than many people think it is, and 370k words is huge.  100k words is about 500 pages on kindle, so you're looking at the equivalent of ~4-6 books. That's a very large (...)

    8. Re: Losing followers

      Keep your chin up and keep writing!  Follower count is good, but finishing the story is better!

    9. Re: A Guide to be Successful on Royal Road (Not Clickbait)

      To the original poster - Thanks for sharing the results of what looks like many hours of data crunching and analysis. To kana - thanks for all your hard working keeping royal road going. To the person (...)

    10. Re: What if....?

      Isn’t it just the simulation hypothesis. Basically it means that we are just living in an simulation and are being manipulated by outside forces. What if what we experience in life is actually a (...)

    11. What if....?

      I wanted a speculative thread to discuss inter-story ideas and conversation as a fun game thing... and realized that it would likely end up in debate no matter what.   Feel free to share your answers (...)

    12. Re: Made 97 reviews on a free reviews thread

      That's kinda crazy doc.  Maybe you should just read something for yourself?

    13. Re: Reborn as a slave

      Savage Divinity


      Read Wizard’s Tower to find out!