1. Re: Am I too dumb and shallow for RoyalRoad?

      If I had your offspring we could combine your good looks with my intelligence...

    2. Re: I'm going to write some stories with flat characters that have almost no descriptions!

      Read the article and tell me what you think Bit like driving your car into a lake and calling it a boat, right? Do you earnestly want an answer here given that you're already doing what you're (...)

    3. Re: Not getting notified

      Checked your settings?

    4. Re: Introduction / synopsis assistance request. Am I doing it right?

      Ah, I saw this earlier and voted.  Cool idea! IMO, Your synopsis is way to long.  Your 1st chapter is too. Shoot for 1500-2500k word chapters.  Also, I haven't seen too many successful reader interactive (...)

    5. Re: Running your story like the business it is.

      Good post first! Question- can I have your baby?

    6. Re: RR novels with sassy/sarcastic protagonist

      I think this is the first time I'm recommending my novel in the forums, REND, but I'm putting this forward because it ticks all of your points, except probably no. 3 (It's not like Harry Potter, but (...)

    7. Re: Bought 1 month of author premium. How do I maximize AP?

      Hi!  Allanther here, (mostly because the funnel I use to drink dr pepper with got clogged when I tried to use it for nachos.) I also write Wizard’s Tower and An Old Man's Journey. For me, there's a (...)

    8. Re: Round 2 of being a "patron of the arts" aka bribing a writer

      It's super nice of you to offer this!   I'm sure you'll find one or more interested parties - the preferences you describe are probably not too far away from someone's pre-existing ideas and this might (...)

    9. Re: Very Long Authors Notes

      I can blame anyone?

    10. Re: Is this legit?

      First - welcome to Royal Road! Second - SCI-FI WHOOOHOOOOOOOO! Third - You have 14 or so pages worth of story published at the moment. Anyone reaching out to you unasked for offering any kinda of (...)

    11. Re: Review Edit Etiquette

      Hi!  Allanther here, mass consumer of nachos and Dr Pepper snob.  Also, I wrote An Old Man's Journey and am writing Wizard’s Tower. I'm glad you brought this up! So, for me, if it's a typo, I try to (...)

    12. Re: The comprehensive list of Royal Road stories that have published audiobooks

      My previous rr story before Wizard’s Tower is An Old Man's Journey, and it's recently been narrated by Michael Kramer. Can you add to this list?

    13. Re: Looking for Release Feedback and some constructive criticism

      Your welcome!   And I did read through the first chapter.  I could have pointed out a few other things in that chapter that might be areas for improvement, but without fixing the majority of those typos (...)

    14. Re: Hi RR


    15. Re: MC is teleported to another world, he falls from the sky, gets paralyzed, and eventually awakens as a Deat(...)

      I remember reading this one as well, but couldn't find it in my history.  I remember enjoying it, though, until it went hiatus.

    16. Re: I'm-considering-selling-my-soul-and-writing-the-tropiest-trash-for-views-fastfooduploadsixchaptersadayand!(...)

      Hi! Allanther here. Nacho tyrant, and Dr Pepper caretaker.  I also write Wizard’s Tower and old man's journey.  To answer your question - no.  I don't think you should do that.   What I think (...)

    17. Re: Looking for Release Feedback and some constructive criticism

      Hi, Allanther here! Nonrecovering nacho addict, and Dr Pepper fanatic.  Also, I write Wizard’s Tower and An Old Man's Journey. And! And, I checked out your first chapter based on your request here. (...)

    18. Re: Looking for Forge of Destiny spoilers

      Keep reading to find out!