Sir L

Sir L


A Sci-fi Novel I can appreciate

The premise of a whole new 'frontier' in space is something commonly seen, but the execution in this story is incredibly unique. Here, the main character is a man with real connections to the world around him: he has friends he relies and trusts; a family and lineage that isn't a random and hastily made up superpower in the universe; and a connection to his government that was broken off. The author also explains key concepts within the story without info dumps, which is very much appreciated. 

The only problem I can see with the main character is he has a lack of foresight and planning, despite having such large ambitions for the universe and his species. But once the story and characters develop more, I think this story has the potential to rise to the top of its genre.

(Dropped) Crown of the martyr and martyr of the Crown.

Personally, I just adore how the main character is actually thinking about his actions, the consequences of them and what he wants/needs to do in the future. His entire personality and his decisions also match perfectly. You also manage to balance his constant scheming with different events that will cause growth or a shift in mindset, which is even better as it is usually difficult to strike a balance like that. You're also demonstrating a harsher side to the whole reincarnation as a noble trope while keeping it at a point where it doesn't make the readers feel uncomfortable at everything.

I also absolutely adore the story's concepts as well as the slow yet steady revelations of the world's lore which has a connection with the main character instead of being used as some sort of plot armour or reason that the main character suddenly gains a stupid amount of power like some other stories.

Keep up the good work man!

Super Minion

Potential to rise to the top

I absolutely love the way the author uses the character's perspective to make the story both hilarious and interesting as well as giving the characters their own unique quirks. I also love the ingenuity of the author as he uses Tofu's shapeshifting ability to hold knives on his tongue and just genuinely do unique and genius moves that can only be done by a shapeshifter of his type. Overall, the story has the potential to reach the top of Royal Road and I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work mate!