Battlefield Reclaimer

I love how the story develops, giving details without overloading on mechanics.

The two MC's have an interesting father son dynamic, and I'm very curious to how the seal will be repaired.

Although only a small part of the world has been revealed, the mechanics are intuitive and easy to grasp to follow along eith the story.

I'm curious to how it continues, 10/10 would recommend.

Forgotten Dungeon

As the story starts, you'd think that this dungeon becomes an ordinary murderhobo, but the story surprises by making the apparently outclasses humans wily and determined enough to hold their own, ensuing in a clash of equally matched opponents, unclear which side will win.

The characters gain depth, the culture and struggles of the world are tangible, the story leaves you wanting to know how it continues, whilst finding yourself rooting for opposing factions.

Well worth the time to read.

Blue Core

The story progresses nicely, has good arcs, but I feel it at places struggles to come up with reasonable mechanics to have a proper balanced fight scenes.

The main characters are propelled to insane levels of power incredibly fast, and the story pulls out stranger and more convoluted tricks out of a hat to make it work.

It's still well written, but I feel a slower power buildup would be more interesting.

Stories of the Apex

Amazing feelings of proud heroism inbound

I've read this story first on the HFY subreddit, and it was so captivating that I plowed through it all in one sitting. Prepare for an adventure if you start this story, because it will take you on a wild ride.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

It's interesting how overpowered characters still have mundane issues, worries, and expectations. There are so many OP characters in this story, but at the same time, none of that overpoweredness leads to simple skips of things. Problems still exist, mud still sticks, people get just as annoyed.

It makes interpersonal clashes much more interesting where basically nation destroying entities just slug one out over a simple argument, where a simple grapple turns into landscape destroying altercations where the normality somehow shines through.

The way the dungeon develops, the bad puns flow on and even expand and the intricate Microphillic tendencies of the dungeon give it such a great personality.  I can't wait what will happen when floor 42 is reached. I wonder if Fera will ever invent a gargle blaster to bash Ruli's head in with a lemon slice wrapped in a gold brick. The story keeps me wondering where it will dig, what it will unearth and how it will develop.

I recommend this as a solid read, but I do wish that the author would use something like Grammarly or just look at the red lines of the spell checker editor to fix the most glaring mistakes. It can pull one really out of a storey when the wrong word is used.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

The best story i've read in a long long time.

 I spent a full week reading this from start to finish, couldn't put it down. Didn't game or watch movies, just to know how the adventure would continue. It's been a very very long time since I've had an experience like that.
Definately would pay up to 30-40 euro's in a book store for it.