1. Re: Possible solution to .5 Rating abuse

      Well, He could implement a simple JSON text field to avoid the database threshold limit he mentioned. Deserializing json goes pretty fast on php and allows with checking. You could have it running on (...)

    2. Re: Need help proofreading

      Chapter 1.  A couple of notes from the first paragraph:      only bed and closet for furniture. Inside the bathroom were sink, shower, and toiler made of wood. The cold water on his face woke him (...)

    3. Re: Need help with proofreading and editing

      Should I post comments under individual chapters or here? For example, the intro of your first chapter already has several style problem, that you switch past tense with present tense and such. (...)

    4. Re: Am I being petty over books that dont name their chapters

      I've read the wandering inn and there the chapters are just a number, but the story is excellent. Don't judge a book by its chapter title. When you buy a real physical book you usually get a number (...)

    5. Re: Why on earth doesn't the "Follow" button notify of updates automatically?

      I wondered the same. I've bookmarked and followed several fictions, but even when doing that combo you get no site notification when there is something new. I have to manually check the fictions if the (...)