1. Re: How do I find other writathon works?

      Mine's called Irwin's Journey and it sits at 34k right not, and the words keep flowing. (To bad my fingers keep stumbling, typing mistakes, errors and ugly things... but don't tell anyone.) - John

    2. Re: Drop your story here and I will leave a quick review

      Let me push my lil novel forward...

    3. Re: White's Course [Lecture Hall]

      If the counter is still correct, I would like to join your course.

    4. Re: Looking to trade reviews

      This is my fiction I'm not completely done, but I'd love feedback on it so far So I read the chapters you have online and (...)

    5. Re: Looking to trade reviews

      Dark Rider, we can swap some feedback if you want. I'll read it sometime this week and either msg you or put the feedback here.

    6. Re: Looking to trade reviews

      Hi Rawr,  I will look at it somewhere today. Do you want some feedback in the mail as I did with Wilberforce? Because with only 1 chapter it's a bit hard to review. I would prefer just giving you some (...)

    7. Re: Looking to trade reviews

      I read your novel and send you a PM with some notes. The review is up as well :) Its an interesting read, and it had been a while since I read some cultivating novel stuff.

    8. Re: Looking to trade reviews

      Hi all, I'm writing a story and am at chapter 20 now. I'm looking for someone to review the story. I have had some feedback about my start being slow.  If possible id like some feedback on how to fix (...)