1. Re: Stories with a God as a protagonist.

      A few of andur's stories have gods as caracters, if you haven't read them yet

    2. Re: Any angel stories

      Well there is only Lament of the Fallen, the mc has some angel caracteristics, tho she is more of a chimera. She fights against the angels at some points.

    3. Re: Recommendation Request Based On What I've Read So Far

      Try Lament of the Fallen and the new Journey of an old soul. Both are realle good, and from the same author. You might also want to try his/her new story, but it's science fiction

    4. Re: Why is the character count so large?

      Well it's not for poetry, never found any here.

    5. Re: Stories that actually go through incest?

      Incest is actually against RR rules. It's not a particularly hard rule set in stone, as a lot of fictions in historical content will have legitimate mentions of incest as it was a less frowned upon style (...)

    6. Re: Epic Stories

      'From the final world' has that build-up. I'd say this story has way too much good points for you to miss it. I feel like I always end up recommanding it.

    7. Re: mc that is missing a limb

      'Taint' is nice, it is not on rrl tho

    8. Re: Pirate?King?Emperor?Noble or anything

      Into the black. It's pirate, if u like harem.

    9. Re: Looking for stories that make magic seem magical

      I might have something good From the final world It might seem a bit mystical at first, but bear with it for a couple chapters and you are set for an amazing read. The main issue regarding your criterias (...)

    10. Re: Looking for positive, overall happy reading

      Well i just started reading it a day ago but i feel like 'how to tame your princess' might fit. It a fun read so far, and really fun. I don't know how it ends though, and there might be some sexual content (...)

    11. Re: Time travel MC

      Try out 'Mother of learning' or something like that. It's a novel about a time loop, if you're into that. It's not on rrl btw

    12. Re: Looking for crafting novels.

      All i can think of right now would be dungean heart Mc is a dungean, and makes it a work of art. Dunno if you'd like it, but it's a damned fine (...)

    13. Re: MC who is psionic or psychic

      Well obviously there is lament of the fallen whose mc is a psychic (really nice story btw, amazing world building in particular) However to my understanding you might be looking for a slightly more (...)