1. Re: What are you writing tips to speed up the writing process?

      Most people can type at a decent speed, but even if you're not that fast of a typist, you can "write fast." Writing fast is about not getting stuck in your thinking process or your editing process. You (...)

    2. Re: Has anyone tried a series of shorter self-contained stories that all add to the overall picture of the st (...)

      @JK-sama  I've uploaded a few short fictions that are separate, all have their own cover art, etc. They don't do well on RR. I was planning on one fiction, but the stories are separated with their own (...)

    3. Re: Has anyone tried a series of shorter self-contained stories that all add to the overall picture of the st (...)

      I just have it set up as one fiction, and it's divided up into small arcs with their own titles, casts, and mini storylines that take place in different parts of the world. This is exactly what I want (...)

    4. Re: Has anyone tried a series of shorter self-contained stories that all add to the overall picture of the st (...)

      So imagine a series of novels, each has their own characters and plots, but they all add to the story world, and main characters make appearances in each other's books, but instead of novels, doing this (...)

    5. Re: One of the Biggest Mistakes in Writing

      I think this is what some writers call "learning curve" of the writing. Some fiction has a shallow learning curve, and you learn and know everything the main character does. Like say Harry Potter. The (...)

    6. Re: Hey internet people

      I think that's the big thing with cyberpunk as a genre, it's about the negative aspects of technology and mega corps.

    7. Re: Can't think of anything

      Stop thinking and look at it as an exercise in logic. Who is your villain? What does he want? Why does he want it? Who is your hero? Why does he need to stop the villain? How can he go about doing that? (...)

    8. Re: Fellow writers, how do you deal with being disheartened?

      Stop reading your reviews. Write for yourself and enjoy the process. It's great that you have followers and patrons, and remember, because you work in healthcare, you have it good during this crapdemic. (...)

    9. Re: What is the best method to publish on royalroad?

      The question is incomplete.  What do you hope to achieve by publishing on Royal Road?  Different ways of publishing will achieve different things.  I'm using RR primarily as a way to set myself deadlines (...)

    10. Re: Is it weird that I like reading my own stuff?

      I've has the same experience. But never, ever, ever evereverever delete anything. Even if it truly is rubbish. It's a record of your skill level that you can look back on. I think what it is, is that you (...)

    11. Re: How long did it take you to finish your first story/novel?

      My very first novel took me about a month. It was 55,000 words.

    12. Re: How fast writer are you?

      When I'm writing slow, I produce about 800 words an hour, but when I'm writing fast, I'm somewhere around 1,400, so it kind of depends. I'm not sure you can really compare though, since writing is so personal. (...)

    13. Re: Is it true that 94% of attempts at writing a novel end in failure?

      I think it's correct. The vast majority of people who want to write a novel, never do, and the vast majority who actually try never finish what they start. It's not a judgement. We're writers, we know (...)

    14. Re: Do writers have hobbies or are they just writing books?

      Does reading and writing count as a hobby? I can read and write in hiragana and katakana, though I don't know enough Japanese to understand much. I like cooking and doing film photography.

    15. Re: Immortal truthes give fiction staying power, which eventually turn to classics--not truths of the day!

      There's truth, as it pertains to immortal truths that last through time, and there's the truth of the day, which will eventually expire and make your fiction incredibly dated, and quite possibly unreadable (...)

    16. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      Are you asking about a first inspiration or just in general? Generally speaking, it's video games that inspire me to write. Particularly great games like the Dragon Age series and Baldur's Gate!


      I don't really do a lot of analyzing. It's the reason I don't read mysteries. I just want to be taken along for a ride without worrying about trying to figure stuff out. I also prefer soft magic systems. (...)

    18. Re: So frustrated with readers

      Well, I don't know if you have to beg, but to remind the reader isn't so bad. It's like on youtube; "don't forget to smash that like button!" It's okay to remind your readers to rate or review. I wrote (...)

    19. Re: Writing help

      You can call a prologue "Prologue" or "chapter one." It really doesn't matter. Often prologues aren't from the perspective of the main character, though. They're a starter, and inciting incident. In mysteries, (...)