1. Re: Are there any words or phrases that you have negative associations or aversions to?

      Are there any specific words or phrases you cringe to write in your fiction, or try to avoid using because of negative associations you have with them?  Do you fight through it and write them down anyway (...)

    2. Re: How to write a top rated story? Popular litrpgs are usually viral in the first 2 weeks, right?

      Some people send death threats to people because they included slavery in their stories. Some get a lot of shit because they've depicted religion in one way or another. My advice to you is stop caring (...)

    3. Re: An Overthinker's Question About Conveying Ethnicity

      "Having Aoi features," wouldn't make sense to the reader because how do they interpret that as our real world equivalent of Japanese? Or Europe is known as the Celestial Crest, so how do you say? (...)

    4. Re: What do you put in the AN?

      I do it all the time, but usually as a way to update the reader on my writing and things like that. But I think I need to start begging for money, lol

    5. Re: my blurb, need opinions.

      please give me advice on my blurb. less about spelling and grammar, more about if it is interesting and hooking and how to make it more. thanks in advance I think it sounds good and it is interesting. (...)

    6. Re: Overall story length. What do readers prefer?

      Overall, I really like the idea of having shorter form stories on RR and normalizing more concise novels. 30k words is more of a novella, so there might be benefit in advertising it as such, but I'm (...)

    7. Re: A Realization

      But with that being said, I love worldbuilding. It's one of the most interesting parts of storytelling. I don't really do a ton of deep worldbuilding because my stories move along at a pretty fast (...)

    8. Re: I'm bored so...Music?

      What you guys like for music? I've been a metal head for a long time, but in the last year I've developed a liking of the more heavier side of retrosynth. Deeewd! I love synthwave! Been listening to (...)

    9. Re: Hallmarks of a Great Story

      I could probably write you an essay on what I think makes a great story. But to put it simply, I believe there are certain truths in storytelling that are powerful for readers. The  heroes journey is a (...)

    10. Re: Reason for writing

      "A reader lives a thousand lives," said Jojen. "The man who never reads lives only one."--A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin I love this quote and I think it's one of the reasons why I write. (...)

    11. Re: Is user retention rate a good way to tell if a story is going to explode in popularity?

      I never look at stats. But then, I only have 242 unique followers.

    12. Re: Anyone wanna share their writer L moments?

      Lol. Well, I'm not sure I've done that. But I've accidentally posted chapters to the wrong stories here on RR. My readers were like: "Ummm..."

    13. Re: So, I was thinking about writing something...

      It sounds interesting. Go for it! I was thinking about writing something akin to "Fantasy Blues." Weird, huh?

    14. Re: How can I respectfully write diverse/global fantasy as a white guy?

      I'd say writing is difficult enough as it is without trying to please everyone. Artists have detractors. Be an artist.

    15. Re: Dark Fantasy Writers?

      Is anyone else here writing dark fantasy? If so, want to chat about it? I haven't started uploading my series yet, but I probably will once I've made more progress. I have dark moments in my fantasy, (...)

    16. Re: Let's Talk Chapter Lengths

      Simple question: what is the ideal chapter length? Traditional novels tend(ed? Is this an antiquated thing?) to have between 1-10k words with 2-5k being the more standard "sweet spot". Web novels, (...)

    17. Re: Writing an interesting serial with no action at all: Is it plausible? Have you seen it done?

      Keeping a reader engaged is about building tension and conflict. An argument about something important to the characters which will result in different life paths is conflict. Tension is the possibility (...)

    18. Re: Writing by dictation

      Does anyone here write using dictation software? If so, why? Why do you prefer it over ‘traditional’ writing? What made you try it in the first place? I'm really curious about your experience in (...)

    19. Re: How far do you plan ahead?

      As the title says, how far do you plan ahead? Do you have an overarching story or (only) plotpoints in mind that you try to reach? Maybe not even that? If so, do you know how to reach them? Or do (...)