1. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      But there are no pieces of advice for writers that deserve to become dogma. It's all just tricks and tips, and should be treated as such. I say write the way you write, because that's your style, your (...)

    2. Re: Can We Get Rid of Best Rated?

      I am tired of the overly critical reviews and the .5 bombs. The 300 iq scathing reviews picking apart stories are not to give the author valid critique, but instead serve as more of a venting platform (...)

    3. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      But maybe this is the great Identity Shift of Royal Road. Where the stories I like are to be .5 rated to death and those authors quit writing. Then more stories that live up to  the minority's standards (...)

    4. Re: I think my review made someone quit the site

      So I'm wondering, do I need to surgery coat my reviews for people? Because the last thing I want is for people to stop writing because of me. So you wanna smother your reviews with a "surgery coat"? (...)

    5. Re: What's the worst sentence you've ever written?

      I can't even remember what I ate for dinner yesterday...

    6. Re: A complete outline or chapter by chapter?

      Is that like the opposite of an inline?

    7. Re: Minimalism in literature

      Hello all! A few days ago I received a small review from my respected and precious editor. He says I use too many adverbs... I understand what he is talking about and I agree, because that's what it (...)

    8. Re: How to write pauses into conversations?

      You can do it in one of two ways. Say there was a pause. Plenty of examples above, or actually MAKE a pause in the conversion with action beats. "Where's the bag?" John asked. Kyle was looking though (...)

    9. Re: Writer's burnout

      Guys, I have been writing almost nonstop for the last several week just to finish the next chapter (it's a really long chapter). I feel like I need a break. What do you guys do to relax after an intense (...)

    10. Re: What is your choice?

      I'll be a smiling goblin. I'd probably choose human. I like being a human. Then again, if I get to live an immortal life as an elf or a vampire, I might go with one of those.

    11. Re: Writing multiple books at once

      I’m thinking about starting my third book while I’m 80k in with my other, though both will likely surpass the 200k extent since the ideas are quite long. How many of you find it easy to just switch between (...)

    12. Re: Preparations for the April writing contest

      Any other things you people are doing to get ready? Or are you even participating in this one? Do let me now as I am genuinely curious.  There's a competition?

    13. Re: I am curious, why is this a thing?

      I dunno, it has the same qualia of liking your own facebook posts.  What's facebook?

    14. Re: When someone gives feedback on your story, what are you looking for?

      As far as technical details, typos and misspells. That's it. I do like to know how the story makes them feel chapter by chapter. But not so I can change the story. The story is what it is at that point.

    15. Re: The End

      and I don't have the start-up capital or time to self publish. Indie publishing is completely free and easy. Go  to Smashwords and throw it on there. Designs yourself some covers. Editing and revision (...)

    16. Re: Confidence in your writing.

      I know that seeking validation from others instead of writing that you enjoy and want to share with others is not ideal.  It's not only not ideal, it's a really, really bad idea. Listen, if you've (...)

    17. Re: I have been blinded.

      Does anyone actually use light mode? I sure do.

    18. Re: One Shots

      Personally, I love stories that are endless or have an actual ending that isn't forced or rushed. Thanks! Then you'd love me! Most of my stuff on here is one-shot stuff, lol. Although I'm changing (...)

    19. Re: Do you ever hate what you are writing?

      To all the writers viewing this thread. Did you ever hate what you are writing, yet forced yourself to write through it? I don't revise, so I don't go over what I wrote twenty times, so no. Often (...)