1. Re: Finding a cover artist

      I would greatly appreciate anyone who could give me advice. Thank you. Well, I've never commissioned anyone to make a cover for me before. I think a good place would be the classifieds section on (...)

    2. Re: a question about inspiration

      Where do you get your inspiration from for writing ideas? A good writer can take ideas (steal them), mix them with other ideas and put a different spin on it to make to original and unique. A lot (...)

    3. Re: A somewhat strange proposal for a multiperson writing project.

      I think there's still people active on /r/roleplay

    4. Re: Looking for zombies

      I'd like to receive recommendations about zombie novels. My current iseklkaui has mummies?

    5. Re: Skipping the first chapter of isekai novels

      I never really put much thought into it until recently but I have a habit of skipping the first chapter of isekai novels.  Waitwhatwhy?! My first chapter, the prologue, is 500 words, lol. Go read (...)

    6. Re: Releasing chapters

      For authors, how often do you personally want to release chapters? Ignoring everything like readers and such. I sort of have a schedule. Usually I decide on a certain timed release once I have something. (...)

    7. Re: What does it feel like inside your mind?

      What does the inside of your mind feel like to you? Whips and chains.... Whips. And. Chains.

    8. Re: Imagination Differentiation

      Well I'm the only true sentience here. The rest of you are bots programmed to interact with me in realistic ways, so....

    9. Re: 1st VS 3rd

      You could try writing in both. Put the main character in first person and any other viewpoints in third. Jonathan Maberry writes like this.

    10. Re: Sour taste left in my mouth after a review swap

      I review swapped with an acquaintance I met on another platform. They found me here and decided to reach out and suggest a review swap. I agreed. I only write novelettes, so I strictly said it would (...)

    11. Re: Question for other authors

      How many times have you revised your story after realizing that the story isn't going the way you wanted it to? Never done it before. I've never had the energy or perseverance to hammer a story into (...)

    12. Re: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      This post is from 2018. Oh, I see.

    13. Re: depth

      did you ever realized that you believed your good at something, but then realized that there is a whole level of depth you did not know? Nope. I'm da bestist!

    14. Re: Calling all writers of RR (and anoyone else who wants to try our writing)!

      Here's your prompt: It reminds me of Dragon Age Origins. But no can do. I mean, I could but I'd rather spend that fifteen minutes writing on my new series. Here's the blurb for it: Shiro (...)

    15. Re: What's the fiction with the most viewpoint characters that you've read or written?

      For stories I've read, Wheel of Time definitely has the most. I definitely agree with this. I love The Wheel of Time! But contrast this with something like The Saga of Seven Suns, which has around (...)

    16. Re: What's the fiction with the most viewpoint characters that you've read or written?

      And I still don't know what it means to knuckle a mustache. It's when you push the mustache hairs to the sides of your mouth so it doesn't hang directly over your lip. When you mustache begins (...)

    17. Re: What's the fiction with the most viewpoint characters that you've read or written?

      Wakiagaru, my epic sword and sorcery novel of 109,000 words has eighteen viewpoint characters and the chapters typically range from around 600-1200 words, but many of them are also 300-1500 words. It's (...)

    18. Re: The feeling of getting out of a rut...

      What do you guys do to get out of ruts (i.e. Writers Block)? And how good does it make you feel when you do? For me, and I assume it's like this with most people, but they don't know it, writing (...)

    19. Re: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      Only completed novels count, but you need to write one million words starting from the time you join the contest. For example, if you have a 600 000 words long novel finished, it doesn’t count. If your (...)

    20. Re: Calling all writers of RR (and anoyone else who wants to try our writing)!

      I had him pegged as a rakish cavalier, with a brace of pistols and a cavalry saber, sort of a dandy with a rakish mien, lots of bravado and bluster and charisma. That's how he came across, so you (...)