Luke Scheffe

Luke Scheffe

Heavenward on Golden Wings

Easily one of the best stories on site, it shows realistic progression and detailed power gains

Master of All, Jack of None

I feel obligated to review this due to the sheer amount of time spent reading this and it's continuation

Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite]

The rewrite is much better than the original. I tried reading the original and found that the MC was way too much of an asshole to appreciate the book. In this, however, he is actually reasonably compassionate and doesn't act either bipolar or like a sociopath. He actually considers other peoples opinions and even sometimes takes them.

The Dungeon of Evolution

An excellent book overall, with lots of interesting twists.

Mythical Conquest

Flashbacks, Flashbacks, Flashbacks

Grammar mistakes breaking the flow are the least of the problems. I just finished reading a 12 chapter flashback, for one of the side characters. and it wasn't even really about them, but instead about their dead parents, who they never knew. All I got from 100+ pages was that she's a cambion, and hunted because of her mother spurning the king. I don't need the full details of everything that happened and it didn't help the story whatsoever. It just wasted my time.

System Programmer

This is a pretty interesting little story, and I can't wait for more.                                     

Shades of the Moon

I am honestly surprised that it isn't at least in the top 500(unless the author forgot to make his updated achievements visible, it has only gotten to top 2500), it is better than most other stories on this site, and the ones that are better than it are almost all in the top 20.

Dexs/ Clairs Adventure (Completed)

illogical setting.

in a village of twenty houses, there is a school full of kids, an adventurers guild, a blacksmith, and a library, all in separate buildings. in that small of a village, those would all be the same building, with the jail, stable and village chief's house thrown in for good measure. 

the main character is shocked to discover that a map of everything within 100 km does not cover even a fifth of the globe, nevermind the whole globe as he expected. he finds out that the closest village to him is 10000 km away, so proceeds to fly at 15 times the speed of sound to get there.

when first called before "God" to receive the powers, he is told that it is for gods entertainment, before "God" proceeds to give him near infinite power, thus making him as boring as possible

The grammar mistakes are innumerable, and the characterbuilding atrocious. DO NOT READ

How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis

this is high fantasy, not LitRPG

The only reason it gets above half a star when the author is outright lying to people is that it is a pretty decent story regardless, just wasn't what I wanted from a story listed as LitRPG


I'd probably love it if it weren't for the fact that I was expecting LitRPG. maybe I'll come back to it someday

The Arcane Emperor

Amazing Story, Just a Few Small Problems

Amazing story overall, just been a bit slow with releases as of chapter 162, but Aeternus says that he will get better about it soon. other than that, I give it an 11/10. Good character development, though it wasn't that great at first, pretty decent grammar, and the mistakes rarely interrupt the flow of the story, Good story, though there are a few problems with explaining everything, if you PM the author, he will answer your questions (within reason, no spoilers). As far as the style goes, I really like it, though I would debate the Anti-Hero lead tag, as he usually acts with (relatively) noble intentions, as well as the Harem tag since two girls you don't even sleep with on a semi-regular basis doesn't really count as a harem, that's just having two lovers.