Luke Scheffe

Luke Scheffe

Mother of Learning

A truly amazing fiction, with logical mechanics

Dungeon Heart

One of the best dungeon building fictions out there, with an incomparable level of detail. This is probably the second story I read on Royal Road, back before I had an account. It is largely focused on the dungeon trying to make himself look as good as possible, rather than just being dangerous.

Skyfire Magus

Okay just to start, the entire damn thing is justified alignment, which is a horrible choice for a story.

Second, the main character is a sociopath with no emotional attachments whatsoever.

Third, the Author added pictures at seemingly random points in the middle of chapters.

Fourth, the main character is completely obsessed with 'Coins.' Yup, he doesn't care what kind, all that matters is immediate expenditure. 

Fifth, the MC has no real interest in learning beyond 'nothing better to do' after being ousted from his house with nothing to his name after his father is sent on a suicide mission

Sixth, He couldn't give a damn if the entire world was destroyed, as long as he gets coins and older women

Seventh, despite his apparent laziness and uselessness, he somehow 'solves' a murder in about 15 minutes with no help from others. I say 'solves' because, despite the fact that he concludes that the victim was under the effect of 11 different poisons(which is ridiculous, any competent person would never mix multiple poisons as they would be too likely to conflict with each other) upon realizing that the vic has a coal allergy, it is immediately obvious that it was from an allergic reaction to coal, despite the fact that the death didn't resemble any sort of allergic reaction I've heard of(he started bleeding from the eyes, ears, and mouth simultaneously, apparently 10+ minutes after exposure, no other symptoms beyond death) and the MC concludes that the smell around the victims body that he thought he recognized was obviously coal dust, even though he probably wouldn't know what coal smells like if it hit him in the nuts.

Eighth, when he is rewarded for 'solving' this, he is given a house and 100 gold, despite the people rewarding repeatedly thinking of him as being shameless. He didn't do anything to deserve more than 10 gold coins reward, no house, as I would estimate that that is about a weeks pay for the teacher, which is about how long he would be recovering without Lynne's intervention, as the security burst in not even two seconds later.

Ninth, he then goes off to work for the kingdom that just killed his father, and they're eager to recruit the untrained, lazy, self-righteous slob who has likely spent more time in a whore house than his own bed. 

Tenth, he has no emotions towards killing someone first time, and no reaction towards a dead body or blood, even though how sheltered he was should've left him with little to no contact with either

How To Tame Your Princess

This is a crazy fiction that I really loved reading, though it appears to have been dropped now, it is still a great fiction.         

Edit: It looks like it's back!!!

The Three Saints

Okay, while this is partly based on how well this book is doing so far, it is also largely based on the first book in this series. I may update in the future(~chapter 20-30) with a more detailed analysis of what I think, but so far as you can tell with just eight chapters(nine with the prologue) and 150 pages, this is turning out to be a rather excellent book.

The Gam3

Finished this a couple of months ago and forgot to review. feel that this book is totally worth reading

I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!

Read through the full story and found it satisfying, personally. Yes, there are more details than necessary, and yes, it could use some breaking up of some blocks of text, but it was rather good overall.

Insania Online

This is an amazing story about someone who wanted to win a game through superior crafting abilities and tactics instead of magic

I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!

 I read the book on the author's website and loved it there. It's what eventually led me to RoyalRoad


This is a relatively light-hearted fiction that I really enjoy reading, and I read it when I need a break from stressful activities