What Would You Do For Revenge?

7 chapters in

So far the plot has been up nice, backstory made, environment perfectly suited for character development and time lapses.  Little things here and there, like the the way 7 year olds are mature enough to lust over the MC, the rather quick realization of how destructive his actions would be.  I look forward to seeing where this story will end up, so keep up the good work.

Re: Mimic

Just rating the first chapter, I, as a reader, am drawn in by the story concept and easy flowing dialogue made by the MC.  The speech format is a little hard to follow, but the descriptions are believable.  I am looking forward to future chapters and hope to see them improve with the author's experience.

Re:Demon Lord
From the first 3 chapters, I'd say you have a good start. I'd focus on making them longer, your chapter 2 is a little long but an ideal length. Also, it might be a good idea to establish the growth type in this world. For instance, stat growth is common, gaining experience is another(like in the real world). You threw the maid in pretty quickly, so maybe hold off other main characters til further plot development? Ignore that if you have an idea already. Good plot, good perspectives, can't wait to see more.

Origin A.R.S.

Have to say, I love all your works.  I like your amazon publications too- need more.  Keep it up man :)


Another amazing inspiration

You write some amazing stories, don't ever stop or let anyone tell you otherwise.