1. RE: I'm Taking Art Requests For Free

      Oh, nice. I hope that you can improve as you want, but you're far ahead of me already. :D While I do have an artist for my story, I can't resist asking for some fanart, though you can prioritize others (...)

    2. Seeking talented artists for paid Video-Game related work

      Hi, I'm Falcon, writer of the Slime Dungeon series. I'm currently making a video game centered around the slime evolution mechanics found in my story. Here is video link---> Game Update 8 (...)

    3. RE: Caine's art thread

      request for Claire the pixie from The Slime Dungeon ;p

    4. Slime Dungeon art- will pay

      Hi guys! It's Falcon of The Slime Dungeon and Hero of Naught series I need some art made of characters from my slime series. In the coming future, I'm going to be making a reference book for the series, (...)

    5. Slime Dungeon searching for someone to create a Cartoon Intro (Paid work)

      Falcon here, author of The Slime Dungeon series. For the longest time I've had a clear image of a cartoon intro of the slime dungeon series, with the music background being hunter x hunter ending 1 (...)

    6. Slime Dungeon

      Death came on swift wings. A soul, blessed by a goddess, falls to the land and enters his new life. He clings to a single memory, the defining moment of his previous life. Now, he learns how to succeed (...)

    7. RE: Cover-art opportunity for Hero of Naught

      It's not my first time ;) I'm doing through amazon's kindle and createspace service, which is quite cheap since I don't need their help with editing and cover-art. This would be my second published (...)

    8. Cover-art opportunity for Hero of Naught

      Hey guys, Falcon167 here. I'm rewriting my 'first' successful story, Hero of Naught. The goal is for this to be published, so I need a good cover art, and to a lesser extent back art, for this story. (...)

    9. Falcon's Valentine Poems, both old and new

      Love Rolling midst the golden waves, Flying in the blue born sky, Reaches out to hold the stars, Proudly to behold. Why so bold, why so high?- into the next, morning sky. Will the angel hear (...)

    10. RE: Donation Applications

      My stories are Hero of Naught and The Slime dungeon. I have recovered enough and will be resuming a chapter a day for either of theses stories. Stories are at least 50, 000 words and chapters are at (...)

    11. RE: Last event of 2015

      A page you seek, the future is bleak For errors abound, in a free seeking mound of Incongruity Refresh thy page and maybe you'll find, The place that you seek, and others of it's kind

    12. RE: So, how's your story doing?

      Hm, I was doing really well, than had to stop for a real days. Regardless, I should be fine for awhile until finals week. ---- I'll be done soon. Yay :)

    13. RE: I need slime art

      it's a button. You have to have the image online somehow (devianart is what I use) copy the picture url, past it, and there you have the pictures

    14. RE: Offering Free Cover/Interior/Character Art [Open]

      Hello falcon. Is it possible for you to describe the pixie girl's physical description? If it's easier, images from the internet is fine too for reference. Is the purple slime smaller/equal/bigger then (...)

    15. RE: Offering Free Cover/Interior/Character Art [Open]

      Hm, how do you feel about pixie girls? If you are able, I would like a cover art for my new story. A slightly purple slime with a tiny pixie girl on it in a dungeon corridor under an arch leading into (...)

    16. I need slime art

      I needs slime art for my story. Preferable a single slime in a dungeon corridor. Thanks!

    17. RE: Participants

      Fun for everyone!

    18. RE: Hero of Naught needs character art!

      Anyone up for drawing a black wolf with red and green ethereal paws?

    19. RE: Gaiadarkstar's Art and Requests

      I really like your art! Think you could help me out with my MC?