1. Re: How often do you other writers receive 0.5 ratings?

      The half stars piled on when I hit Trending, and then again when I hit Best Rated. Afterwards, they slowed down to a steady trickle that bombs my fic back down whenever my score dares to inch up past the (...)

    2. Re: That about Covers it; 4064's Experience with Covers (...)

    3. Re: That about Covers it; 4064's Experience with Covers

      That about Covers it; 4064's Experience with Covers    FortySixtyFour here, ready to share my whirlwind adventures in finding the right cover for my fiction. Ideally my experiences will be helpful, (...)

    4. Re: A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make?

      A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make? Hell yes. Often, the immediate, knee-jerk reaction I get when mentioning that I write harem fiction is disgust and mockery. The general (...)

    5. Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

      Name of book: Constellation Author: FortySixtyFour Desired cover style: Minimalist Genre: VRMMO, Sci-Fi, LitRPG, Fantasy Imagery: Starfield in black blue and purple, simple text. Tone of book: Drama, (...)

    6. Re: Uploaded Cover Image Quality

      Thanks, Nemanja. I was real concerned that the new cover I commissioned was going to go to waste, haha.

    7. Re: Uploaded Cover Image Quality

      Is anyone else having issues with the quality of uploaded cover images? Not sure if it's just an isolated issue with my browser or what, but it looks like my page is being given a thumbnail instead of (...)

    8. Re: Font difference in older posts? I've noticed my older fiction runs for many chapters in a weird smaller, slightly bolder font (left) and I can't figure out what went wrong. How can (...)

    9. Re: Enjoyable Harem

      You could give mine a shot, but it might be a little too weeby for your tastes.

    10. Re: What is the general and best consensus on how to balance writing and marketing a new book?

      My advice; plan ahead on your formatting. If you're networking a story onto multiple online platforms, you're going to find that it's often rarely as simple as copy pasting your material. I write my material (...)

    11. Re: Would anyone be interested in collaborating on a story?

      I've been talking with another RR author about doing a Wuxia story collaboration where we trade off chapters, but I'm not sure how compatible our writing styles are. What kind of story did you have in (...)

    12. Re: Is anything being done by the administration to track malicious ratings?

      I know this has been a subject of contention in the past, I've read up on those topics. The general consensus has been "the internet's like that, deal with it." Half-star bombing for the purpose of (...)

    13. Re: Cover for RE: Trailer Trash

      Requesting cover art for RE: Trailer Trash: Anything depicting a dingy mobile home would be fine, but one with a teenage redhead girl sitting (...)

    14. Re: How do you change, writing style?

      Sometimes limitations help bring out more imaginative solutions. As an exercise, try writing out a scene or two in only brisk four or five word sentences. Verbose is great, but you need to mix up the pacing (...)

    15. Re: World Building Tips and Tricks?

      Most stories use a character unfamiliar with said world as an exposition device for conveying information to readers, in a way that doesn't feel like an info dump. It could even be a veteran soldier/farmer/artisan (...)