1. Re: Recommend me LGBT stories

      You might enjoy my story, In the Shadow of Heaven. Most of my main cast is lgbt. I wouldn't say it has like lgbt themes (it's a space opera, not a coming out story or anything like that), but the character (...)

    2. Re: Signs a story is going to be bad.

      First, I think there is a distinction between "story that isn't good" and "story I personally have no interest in reading", but it can be tempting to lump those two things together. In terms of immediate (...)

    3. Re: Repetition of I

      The key is to avoid 'filtering' the description through the narrator's view. For example, a descriptive paragraph like this I stood out on the porch, watching the sunset. I felt the warm wind pulling (...)

    4. Re: The best times to post

      The only real rule is to post just after an hour has changed (ie post at 5:04 rather than 4:59). This avoids your story automatically getting pushed down the list by everyone who has autoscheduled a chapter (...)

    5. Re: Non-native english speaker. should i try making a fiction?

      The best way to get better is by practicing! You should definitely give it a try, because there's no harm in trying to write, and you will improve if you work hard and do your best to remove mistakes like (...)

    6. Re: What is the optimal length per chapter?

      <2k, and my longest is ~17k). It's the way I like to write, and I (...)(...)

    7. Re: Review the story of the person above you

      Exactly what it says in the title. Because everyone can use more reviews, and more practice writing reviews, and you don't always want to go out of your way to find a review swap. Rules When you (...)

    8. Re: chatting

      Most people chat on the discord. It's linked in the top bar-- you should head over there.

    9. Re: Balancing introspective writing and extrospective writing.

      First of all- you should be writing for yourself before you're writing for a potential audience. That will keep you motivated and having fun, and since audiences are fickle at the best of times, that's (...)

    10. Re: How can I encourage more discussion on my stories?

      I don't think there's really a secret to it-- I rarely have more than 1-2 people comment per chapter. I treasure those people deeply haha

    11. Re: Looking for superhero fics

      If you haven't read Worm, the very obvious suggestion is to read Worm.  //edit- omg I see in one of your other posts that you say you're a middle schooler. in that case. maybe don't read Worm. it's (...)

    12. Re: Unique vs traditional

      I'd pick the one that you said has a more interesting story, but that's just my opinion. There are plenty of people out there who will also go crazy for a well thought out hard magic system. In the end, (...)

    13. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Honestly, you're doing fantastic. I know it's hard not to let one bad rating tank your mood/enthusiasm, but in the grand scheme of things, you have a ton of positive responses to your work and that's what (...)

    14. Re: Question about posting same story twice as a crunchy and a buttery versions,

      I think it's fine. People post rewrites as new stories all the time, and that's a similar situation. The only issue I would see would be that it would be harder for you to climb the rankings-- splitting (...)

    15. Re: Make it so mobile users don't get redirected to virus/scam sites

      It is unfortunately pretty hard to report an ad when it is forcefully redirecting you to a different website :/ It's very annoying and makes rr borderline unuseable on mobile.

    16. Re: Telekinesis Story Recommendation

      My story has characters who use telekinesis (pretty similar to the force in Star Wars), but it's not a super major focal point of the story. If you want to check it out, I somewhat recommend you read chapter (...)

    17. Re: Lacklustre Reviews/Criticism

      Reviews are meant for other readers rather than the author. The author being able to glean useful feedback out of them is a side effect, but the purpose of reviews is for readers to tell each other if (...)

    18. Re: Pop up ads

      I have also been having aproblem with disruptive/redirect/popup ads on mobile. Hopefully something can be done about it

    19. Re: Do you use Tuesday Serial to promote your story?

      Yeah, I use it, though I don't think it brings a ton of traffic.

    20. Re: Side Characters

      I haven't read the stories that you're looking for something similar to, so I can't say if you'll have any interest or not, but if a well developed cast of characters is what you're looking for, my story, (...)