1. Re: Looking for recommendations

      Since you mention you like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, you might like my longform LoGH fanfiction, A Wheel Inside a Wheel. It is on temporary hiatus until December (taking a short break to work on other (...)

    2. Re: good yaoi with high page count

      you might like my novel A Wheel Inside a Wheel, which is an m/m romance

    3. Re: Looking for Sci Fi Recs!

      My stories, A Wheel Inside a Wheel and In the Shadow of Heaven, are boyh gay sf stories. both space operas, though, so a bit bigger scale than solar system haha

    4. Re: Space Opera/Sci-Fi?

      both of my longer projects are space operas, if you want to check them out! in the shadow of heaven has some light fantasy elements involved, and a wheel inside a wheel has more romance/drama 

    5. Re: Revamp: I don't care how long your story is gimme gimme I will review it IN DEPTH

      Username: Javert Which Series: would love it if you checked out A Wheel Inside a Wheel What You'd Like Help in Writing: I would like to make sure that the plot is able to be followed easily by people (...)

    6. Re: A (free review) deal. Capiche?

      If you're not too swamped, I'd love if you checked out my story, A Wheel Inside a Wheel. Thank you!

    7. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      Would love if you could review my story, A Wheel Inside a Wheel. It's a sci-fi (space opera) story about two men on either side of a hundred-year old galactic war, each one with ambitions to reform the (...)

    8. Re: Alright Folks, This is Probably Gonna Be a Rare Occassion. Post Your Book, Read Below

      if you want something relatively short and complete, my mystery novel Arcadis Park is here for you. if you want something significantly longer (though still less than 200 chapters), I would love if (...)

    9. Re: Pitch me your stories!

      Since you like mystery, my story, Arcadis Park, is a mystery set in a run-down amusement park. When a dead body is discovered in the lake that feeds the park's attractions, the whole park's staff is terrified (...)

    10. Re: Writing an interesting serial with no action at all: Is it plausible? Have you seen it done?

      Romance web novels tend to be fairly popular, and can be done without fight scenes. Granted, the audience on royalroad specifically is different from the web novel audience in general, and does lean towards (...)

    11. Re: Stories that take place in space

      Both of my science fiction stories, In the Shadow of Heaven and A Wheel Inside a Wheel, are space operas with fairly significant spacefaring elements. They're not entirely set in space (a lot of the action (...)

    12. Re: storys with men loving men?

      My story A Wheel Inside a Wheel is primarily a gay man focused story, and my other novel In the Shadow of Heaven also has a major m/m subplot :) both stories are space opera science fiction, though In (...)

    13. Re: Good romances?

      Eterna's Source (fantasy) and Fantasia (fantasy themed VR litrpg) by unice5656 are some of the most well liked romance stories on here.

    14. Re: Some Yuri novels

      Romance isn't the main focus of either story, but both my contemporary mystery novel Arcadis Park (complete)] and my space opera In the Shadow of Heaven] have major f/f plotlines :)

    15. Re: Technically Technical Reviews: Offer to Review.

      I would be very grateful if you could review either my story Arcadis Park (complete, mystery novel), or Wheel Inside a Wheel (in progress, science fiction) thank you so much!

    16. Re: Emotional Story

      You might like either of my stories, Wheel Inside a Wheel or In the Shadow of Heaven. Both are space operas which focus very heavily on the emotional lives of the characters

    17. Re: Looking for volunteers for a review idea.

      This sounds like a great idea. I'd love it if you took a look at chapter one of either my story Wheel Inside a Wheel (space opera/drama) or Arcadis Park (contemporary mystery) If you do want to check (...)

    18. Re: What are the longest stories on the site that haven't broken out?

      <150 followers/avg of 690 views/chap. This might be because it's fanfiction. I unfortunately (...)(...)

    19. Re: Sci-Fi Book Recommendations (On or Off Site)

      If you like space opera, you might enjoy my story, In the Shadow of Heaven :) 

    20. Re: MC's with Disabilities

      in my story, In the Shadow of Heaven, one of the main characters is deaf (Sid) and another is autistic (Kino). They are both major characters, one of them becoming the narrator for a significant part of (...)