A Wheel Inside a Wheel

A Wheel Inside a Wheel
2.4k pages

[This is a Legend of the Galactic Heroes fanfiction, but it can be read without having any familiarity with the source material. Trust me on that.]

Part One - Speaking in Tongues

When Yang Wen-li’s father dies, the only thing that he inherits is a mountain of debt, which can only be paid off with fifteen years of his life. Wanting to escape that indentured servitude, Yang flees his homeland and takes up a false identity in the Galactic Empire, a hyper-stratified society where stepping out of line is punishable with imprisonment or death.

Yang enrolls in the Imperial Officers’ Academy to study history, but despite his unusual and unmistakeable talent as both a tactician and a scholar, his classmates resent him for being a visible outsider. When tensions at the school boil over and several of Yang’s classmates attempt to murder him, Yang finds an unlikely ally in the top student in the class: the aloof Oskar von Reuenthal. But Reuenthal and Yang both have secrets, secrets which could destroy both their lives and their newfound friendship.

[70k words, complete]

Part One (Alternate) - Talking Without Speaking

When Oskar von Reuenthal enrolls at the Imperial Officers' Academy, he doesn’t expect to make real friends. The IOA is a competitive place, and Reuenthal has never been well liked. But when a foreign student shows up to challenge him for the top spot in the class, Reuenthal can’t look away.

[77k words, complete]

Part Two - Life out of Balance

When Reinhard von Musel's mother learns that her husband is about to sell her daughter to become the concubine of the Kaiser, she takes her two children, Reinhard and Annerose, and flees to the Free Planets Alliance, where the three of them must start a new life. 

[129k words, complete]

Part Three - Servants of the Pharaoh

Now an officer in His Majesty's fleet, Yang Wen-li struggles to maintain his principles in the face of everything that is expected of him. When he's unwillingly drawn into the politics of the court, he has to use all of his talents to keep himself and his new friends out of danger.

[173k words, complete]

Short - Whatever It Takes to Keep the Body Warm

After their falling out, Reuenthal and Mittermeyer are both posted to the brutal wasteland of Capche-Lanka. It's difficult to hold a grudge when you're just trying to survive.

[23k words, complete]

Short - Keep the Home Fires (Burning)

Three soldiers. Two bodies to be buried. One haunted house.

[33k words, complete]

Part Four - Lighting Out for the Territories

While his sister has joined the fierce Rosen Ritter regiment, Reinhard's fame has earned him a post stuck on Phezzan. Instead of getting to fight, he's caught up in a web of secrets, including the shelter and care of a mysterious refugee from the Empire. Separated from everyone he cares about, Reinhard is forced to make some unexpected allies, and make connections with old friends.

[147k words, complete]

Part Five - Serpent's Mouth, Serpent's Teeth

[forthcoming, probably december 2021]

Part Six - Lightless Labyrinth

[forthcoming, TBD]

Part Seven - Silent Spiral

[forthcoming, TBD]

This story is crossposted on ao3 at bit.ly/wheelinsideawheel

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Every Hateful Instrument

Every Hateful Instrument
197 pages

Hail-and-Farewell Vinright is a pirate, ferrying drugs and weapons across the galaxy. When he discovers that the headaches he's been plagued with are not a sign that he has a brain tumor, and are instead the rare God-given gift of the power, one in a million psychic abilities, Hail sees the opportunity to help his family profit. Only people with the power can build the stardrives at the core of every ship, and the market for them is controlled by the Imperial government. Pirates would pay huge sums for one, so Hail's family enters the market.

Aymon Sandreas is the least likely candidate to take the Imperial throne upon the retirement of his master, First Herrault. When Aymon steps too far out of line, his master sends him away to find the pirates who are flooding the galaxy with stardrives, destabilizing the Imperial government and the spacefaring Guild. Expecting an easy but boring task, Aymon's interest is piqued when the mysterious stardrive maker proves a clever and capable adversary.

When Hail and Aymon finally come face to face, Aymon offers Hail an opportunity: work for me, in exchange for your life. But Hail wants nothing more than revenge, and he's willing to play the long game to get it...

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In the Shadow of Heaven

In the Shadow of Heaven
3k pages

Yan BarCarran is the orphan daughter of a spacefaring clan, about to graduate from the school where people with the one-in-a-million God given power are sent to train. She's about be chosen for an apprenticeship which will set her down a lifelong career path. She's hoping for a research position, but instead, she's given an opportunity that will puts the weight of the universe on her shoulders. 

Aymon Sandreas is the de facto leader of the Empire, wielding the unfettered power that being a theocratic dictator provides. But he's getting older, and he needs to choose a successor. He needs someone whom he can shape into a leader: someone who will carry on the traditions of the Empire, someone who will be able to make hard and correct decisions, and someone who he can stand to spend the remainder of his mortal life working with. He picks three students: the talented and thoughtful Yan BarCarran, the impulsive and striving Sid Welslak, and the mysterious and troubled Kino Mejia. Only one of them will survive their apprenticeship to take his place.

Yan's life quickly spirals into chaos: her best friend, Sylva, is in love with her; she can't figure out how to make her new coworkers get along; she hates the man who is supposed to train her to survive possible assassinations; and, on top of all of that, she learns that the Empire has been conducting a secret genocidal war for centuries. If she's lucky enough to survive, it will be her job to lead it. As it turns out, though, surviving that long is a big if.

Updates often.

ACT ONE: New Creatures with New Hearts

POVs: Yan, Aymon

Complete act. Chapters 1-42. Approx word count is 225,000 words.

To catch up on the story faster, you may consider reading the abridged act one.

Table of Contents / Reference Sheet for part one can be found here. Contains spoilers.

ACT TWO: The Realms of the Unreal

POVs: Yan, Aymon, Sylva, Sid. +Kino bonus chapter.

Complete act. Chapters 43-89. Approx word count is 329,000 words.

To catch up on the story faster, you may consider reading the abridged act two.

ACT THREE: The Eyes that See the Glory

POVs: Yan, Aymon, Sylva, Sid. +Halen bonus chapter.

Act currently in progress. Chapters 90-current.

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Arcadis Park

Arcadis Park
245 pages

 Jonah is a college senior who can't seem to score an internship, so she's returned to the summer job that she's had every year since she was old enough to work: lifeguarding at the run down waterpark on the outskirts of her small town. Things take a turn for the worse when a dismembered body is discovered in the lake that feeds the park's attractions, and the whole staff becomes convinced that they are the murderer's next target.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

(this story is complete as of 12/3/19, though no promises I won't make edits at some point lol)

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