Vigor Mortis

If you enjoy a good Blue/Black Mage story...

Since my first contact with the LitRPG genre in the form of Travis Bagwell's novels, or perhaps even before that as I played HOMM3 with my father at the tender age of 10, I've always had an appreciation for Necromancy and other ''evil'' magics.

Something about the way that a fireball could kill someone with a thought but isn't considered as evil as someone who brings another back to life has always tickled my hypocrisy bone. 

More specifically though, I think its that storys about the 'evil' magics being wielded by an otherwise normal person always come with a bit of intrigue. Either way, I think that Thundamoo is doing a very good job with this story. I picked it up last night and was unable to put it down until my eyes actually closed themselves. The first time I've actually fallen asleep while reading in a long time, and only because I was exhausted before hand (I supposed my sleep schedule is thankful for that).

The MC is an orphan, but doesn't spend much time at all feeling the same sort of self-pity one would expect after the first chapter or so. Just enough for you to know that her life kind of just sucks.

Her power is likely illegal, which we know, but she doesn't hide it from her friends or try to become a secret super hero as many do. She is well aware that she is far over her head and seeks help from those close to her, which I appreciate. She doesn't even do the typical cliche of trying to hide her first zombie for some sort of forced sentimental reason, something that I've always found a bit cringy. There is even minimal reflection on the first kill, which is a big plus to me. (I've always hated the, 'my stomach turned and I could sleep and also vomit' or whatever that followed characters from universe to universe, from story to story, regardless of the circumstance of the kill or the underlying trauma that should make them numb to it.)

We are able to see her psyche warp in almost real time, or perhaps we mearly glimpse the trauma from a lifetime of abuse and starvation. Who knows, and who cares? It's fun either way. 


Phantasmal Party

[Ch47] Dropped the story, but enjoyed it previousy

I enjoyed the story alot when I first started reading it. I'm not sure what happened, but I got bored of the story after a while and dropped it. I think that with a bit of polishing it would be alot better.

DCO- Dungeon Core Online

Have read the book so far and I want to balance out all these blatantly false reviews.

From what I've seen, author gets either glowing 3 star reviews with nothing negative to say (seriously?) Or .5 star everything because somebody doesn't like the way a character behaves (wooow).

If a character inspires so much hate in your heart that you need to go out of your way to leave .5-1 stars for all 5 catagories, go blow off steam elsewhere. I'll never understand people who think every character should think/speak/act/drool the same way they do. Get over yourselves.

Appart from an overbearing love for commas, the grammar is very good and the story reads better than many on this website.

Keep it up author, dont let the sad, sad little men discourage you.

Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush

Love stories that revolve around nature and enjoy this one too. Story is paced nicely, MC is OP (For a plant) but not arrogant and annoying. Would recommend a reading. 

The Dungeon Of A Forest God

Looking foward to reading this when it gets a bit longer.
Not sure what it is, but I find the concept of a nature/forest dungeon with a dark aspect interesting. :thinking:

The Abyssal Dungeon

Interesting headline to draw attention to review

Book was/is really good. Slow pacing and very dungeon centric while still including tidbits of world building. I like it, and would recommend it to others.

Drunk Dungeon

If you drop this, so help me..

I will get you shitfaced and toss you into a dungeon. Story is very well told and a newish take on the genre. Rather than individual dungeons it seems to be one massive labaryth where the gods can mess with mortals. 

Please keep up the good work.

Reincarnate into Another World as a Bicycle

As I am writing this review the story is only up to chapter 18.

This story of a small town boy becoming a big city bike is rather enjoyable, and I love where the author is taking it. From what I we have seen the story is a cultivation novel more than a classic fantasy, and although the characters could do with being personified better it is still very enjoyable.

My biggest gripe with the story is the grammar. Be it run on sentences, switching back and forth between present and past tense, or just commas being to plentiful, it becomes obvious that english is not Author's first language. I do not inheriently consider this a problem because whereas it makes the story very choppy and difficult to read, the story still has massive potential.

I will revise my review if there is a shift in the writing style and the grammar is fixed. For now though I am going to give it a tenative four stars.

Dungeon Island

I find myself enjoying this story more and more as the chapters go on. Even though English isn't the authors first language, he makes a really good show of describing the world and characters in more depth than alot of english authors I do read from. I love the way your world is constructed and your takes on the way a dungeon builds itself and its creatures up from scratch.

I look foward to your continued writing and can't wait for the next installment.