Eretriah online. A LitRPG book.

A little silly despite the harsh setting.   A very Mary Sue world with pks being rare.  And plenty of resources for all.   That said, it's an enjoyable story so far.   Will keep reading.  

The Power of Formations

18 chapters in, and I am very much enjoying the story.  It has lots of world-building, without doing infodumps.  It has action, without being overwhelming an non-stop.  It has humor and an interesting MC.  

Still waiting on more information as to how the magic system works, and so much else.  Given that the story is being told from the pov of the MC, and he doesn't know yet either, I imagine we will be learning all these things as he does.   

Overall, this is a well written, entertaining story.

Chuunibyou in Cultivation World

This is a fun story.  More than a little silly but an enjoyable read even still.  Definitely some grammar and spelling  issues. Minor plot problems.  Regardless it's definitely worth reading.

Into the Black

I can honestly say, I loved the beginning.  After about chapter 3, it started going downhill.  Still somewhat interesting, but the mc, makes more and more stupid decisions every chapter.   Additionally, he is supposed to be playing on Nightmare difficulty.   Instead he gets everything easily.  An none of the obviously dumb decisions coming back to bite him in the butt.  

A couple of really boneheaded decisions from early on.  He takes the body of the person he killed breaking out of jail, and dumps it on the guy whose ship he stole.  Leaving the authorities a direct link to his new identity.  He then blasts his way out of the station, and heads to another one, with a princess in the middle of a coup.  Hooray.  Now everyone knows to be on the lookout for his new ship.  And authorities on both sides of this coup attempt now know where he is, what he is, and who he has.  He then naturally annouces he has the princess, and his new ship, on a message board for other players, cause of course, who wouldn't do that.  Then proceeds to tell the princess, oh by the way, I'm a shapeshifting monster, that everyone wants to kill on sight, cause yeah, thats the first thing you do.  Oh, but lets not forget, he then thinks, yeah, I need crew, so I should hire the people who would naturally want to kill me for my ship.  Other players.

I had to stop at chapter 12.   It has a good initial premise, and a fairly interesting, fast paced style, but the gigantic plotholes, glaring inconsistancies, and utter stupidity made this unreadable for me.

A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail

I've read a lot of stories on RRL, and without question, this is easily one of the best.  It held my interest all through book one.  Despite occasional grammar and spelling issues.  Despite occasional annoying pov shifts.  I enjoyed the story, and the characters and the setting.  I really hope the author comes back with more.  


Slow building, but lots of action

You might think from the title, that the story sounds good. And I give the author credit, it's well written with interesting characters, and quite a plot.  However, it's not for me.
I really enjoyed the first 30 or so chapters.  It was almost slice of life with character introduction and world building all rolled into one.  Then it shifts into a Chase and action story.  Maybe because I wasn't expecting the change, I didn't appreciate it.  Everytime the pov would shift away from Nina to the suits or rucille, I would think, the story would be better if you just left out this chapter.  I don't care about them.  Let's get back to the fun stuff.  How about Nina and the team finally getting away, and finishing their missions.  Have Nina back home doing stuff for them.  Back at the office as well.  Enough with the chasing.
One more thing I have to give the author credit for is consistancy.  95 chapters in, and still invested in the characters and the story.  Very impressive.  Please don't stop just because the story isn't for me.


Accidental Merlin

This is not a bad story.  Its interesting, and fairly well told.  No real problem with grammar or spelling, which immediately sets it above many other stories.  While the style is largely slice-of-life, I rather enjoy that type of story, so no problem there.  However I have several issues with it, mostly though the direction the author chose to take the story.  I think its mostly a matter of taste, but will share my thoughts anyway.

First issue.  Why does the MC keep going around pushing his medical opinion?  This is a minor point, but as I was reading I kept thinking, ok, I get that he's a genius medical student.  Ah, wait no he's not.   Basic first aid will help a lot, but Hippocrates etc?  And he just seems really pushy with his medical knowledge, time and place eh?  The farmer guy he stayed with absolutely.  Helping out around the village, ok.  But in the army camp, it felt forced.

Weres and superpowers.  Sorry, its a step too far.  This the biggest problem I have with the story.  If the were virus is spread via bodily fluids, they why don't people die of, or get changed to weres all the time?  Are all weres that altruistic?  Imagine, a were goes an deliberately puts a little blood or saliva into a towns water supply, and whoops, wipes out, or converts a whole town.  And the superpowered mages, same deal.  I get that he is immortal.  We can set that aside with hand-wavium.  The mage cultivation though is just silly.  Why are there not superpowered mages everywhere?  What about all the witches and wizards, and their kids.  Uther was able to kill off all the public ones, without problem?

I guess I just think the story would be a lot better if after getting set down back in time, the mage powers were a lot slower, and more difficult to develop, and if his max power was only a little stronger then a normal human.  No superhuman speed/strength.  No weres roaming around, and if there were, they couldn't infect outside of bites/claws from in their were form.  And setting that aside, why can't a person stay with a woman they love, even knowing you will outlive them?  Why not let them enjoy the time they have, even if it is short.  I mean, thats what life is all about when it comes down to it.

Mostly though, I just think making this a cultivation novel is not the way to go.  Would be better going the Conneticut Yankee route, instead of the the secret world, cultivation route.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

First let me say, I did not get very far into the story.  

The title of the story, as well as the synopsis is sexually suggestive, while also talking about an adolecent adventurer, and his journey.  However thats not quite how the story goes.  Nor is the character from the synopsis the MC.  In fact, the chest is the MC, the same chest which then goes around killing and eating the adventurers.  This is what I didn't care for.

I don't mind stories where the MC is a monster.  Re:Ocean was very good.  There are many others like it.  Many of them very good.  However this, where the MC is a monster, and immediately jumps into simply killing and eating people.  That is what I did not care for.    I found myself with absolutely no sympathy for the MC, nor any desire to read further in the story.  In fact my only thought was, to hope shortly after starting, that the MC would get itself killed.   

Thus if you like stories where the MC is a monster, and goes around eating people.  Give this a look.   Given how popular this story is, and how high it is in the rankings, I don't doubt that its well written.  Plenty of Gore and violence.  If however you need to feel invested in a story, and are looking for more sympathetic characters, keep looking.   This is simply not something I am interested in.

Earth Tactics Advance

This is an extremely entertaining, and fun read.  I had a good idea of how things were going to go, based on previous stories.  But when the mermaid started asking why...  that all changed.   


There is only one serious problem with the story.  No not the name, though I did knock a point off character for the simple fact that its Scott again.  I know its the scotty-verse but originality counts.  No, the problem is the author updates too damn slowly.  I want to read the entire story, and I want it nowwww!  

This goes for the rest of the authors stories as well.  Even if the style, and the names are the same, the stories are all different, and all good.  This one I have to admit, though is my favorite thus far.   Such a different idea, and hilariously funny.  I cannot wait to see where things go from here.  Keep up the great work!

Falling Star of Evolution

This is a hard story to read.  Its so illogical and poorly written.  Its not that the character is OP.   Thats actually fine, its more of a situational thing.  For example, The 3rd Queen, years ago she had a problem where her city was destroyed, due to a person her family had taken in.  Ever since, she has been twisted by this.  Years later our hero, discovers the perpetrator and his journal conveniently nearby.   Naturally, being in a wasps nest, he sits down and reads all about it.  Occasionally crouching in some convenient bushes nearby.    Wow, really?  And of course the guy has lots of gold on him too.  Wow, thats great, considering he has not needed any gold at all so far...


I'm not going to get into the silliness of being a medical saint and being able to create medical pills from herbs he has never seen before, or poisons either.  I'll simply say, the entire thing needs a rewrite.  The author needs to sit down, and ask himself, does this make sense?   Have I established why the character would do this?  If not, then rewrite it til it does.  Also there are too many POV shifts.

 The core concept is ok.  Being kind, I give it 2 stars.  Its not horrible, just unreadable by anyone with a brain, in its present form.