Bookworld Online: Marsh Man

So, as I said in the title, its a great story.  Its extremely dark and disturbing at the same time.  Particularly early on.  Unlike some stories here on RR, this one earns the Gore tag.  

One question after reading it.  I have no idea what book its based off of.  Or if its a story the author made up, for this one.  Regardless, I'm enjoying the story, especially as the MC has now finally come into his own.  

The System is accepting applications

First let me say, that my rating is entirely based on 2 factors.  The smut of which I am not a fan, and the homosexuality which I don't care to read either.   Seriously RR needs to add an lgb tag for authors and readers who prefer those stories, and for those like myself who do not.

It's a different take on the system genre involving the system pov, as well as the users.  It's fairly shallow, with rapid powerups, and little thought to balance.   Still, it is interesting, and I would read it if it wasn't for the 2 issues mentioned previously.

Catgirl in the Pantry: Sample Chapters and Bonus Content

The author repeatedly says in the comments, that this story is definitely not for everyone.  Sadly, I fall right in the middle of that everyone.  I tend to like slice of life stories, but this one is hard to read.  

As I've been considering this review, I've been trying to figure out the problem I have with the story, and how exactly to explain it..  I think what it boils down to is, that the MC is so unrealistic.  Worrying about feelings, and how he views women.  Unless you're a college kid being challenged by a bunch of feminists, this is not something a normal kid is going to be concerned with.  Particularly a virgin idiot like he, as he obviously is.  Feeling guilty over being attracted to a pretty girl.  I mean, how much more unrealistic can you get?  

I like some of the ideas in the story.  Certainly I enjoy the slow pace, but the MC is such an unrealistic, idiotic tool, that its hard to feel any empathy with him.

RE: Trailer Trash

Initially, I left a 5 star score, but didn't write a review.  Now that I'm changing my score, I figure its a good time to actually write a review and explain why its so low.  

First, let me say, this is a phenomenally written story.  It draws you in right from the beginning, making you immediately sympathetic to the MC, and interested in the peripheral characters.  However, things begin to go sideways around chapter 15, and it has gone downhill ever since.  

The description includes the line.  "A re-do story, everyone's guilty pleasure."  This was absolutely true for the first 14 chapters.  After that, it slowly became less true, and more of a grind.  Every chapter still has that polish that made the earlier ones great, but the story has gone to a very dark place.  Its no longer fun!   Its a good story still, just not guilty pleasure good.  

I don't want to get into specifics or spoilers, so I'll leave it at this.  Naturally this is simply my opinion.  I'm still reading the story.  I'm hoping it improves back to a guilty pleasure.

The Stolen Shield

The story is slow to build.  Very slow.   Lots of characters, and character progression.   Overall very good, though there are a few problems.   

First, girls.   As in there are way too many.  Don't get me wrong, I like female characters, and they add depth and interest to the story.   But going into a medieval setting, there is a reason why all the soldiers were men.   And it wasn't just sociological, or lack of training.   Men are better equipped generally for fighting and stamina.  It's just how it is.  Not that there aren't female outliers, or women who can't get there with training.  But as many girls as are fighters etc.  Is way too many.

Next multiple pov.   Too many.  Not as bad as some stories I've seen here, but they are distracting.  

That's it.  Like I said, minor issues aside, it's a great story.  

River of Fate

I enjoyed the story. Truly. Just caught up to the most recent chapter, and found it an entertaining read.  There are some problems though.  

First, too much philosophy.   Lots of repetitive philosophical filler, as the MC debates and considers various cultivation issues.   Most of which while adding depth, don't serve any point in the overarching story.  They also tend to make the story drag.  

Another problem I have is a minor spoiler.  When the MC is trapped in a cave, he senses fresh air coming from a certain direction, which leads him months later, back above ground.  I simply cannot image fresh air coming into a cave, being sensed from hundreds of miles away.   It beggars belief.   

Final problem I have, is how flowery and descriptive some things are.  I understand the reason for it, and I even agree with it from a character standpoint.  But as a reader, I felt the flowery description at the climactic point of the story arc  was unnecessary.   

As I said, minor issues.  The story is sound, graamar is great.  Very rare mistakes.  Overall, a good story.  Very much recommend it despite it's minor warts.  

It's a Reincarnation of the Reincarnator (Book I)

This story has a lot of problems.  I mean a lot of problems.  So much so that I very nearly dropped it around chapter 29.  The biggest one, is that the MC is constantly getting new skills and powers out of nowhere.  Its like the author wrote a scene and decided the MC needed to have a skill to deal with things in the scene and so wrote that they previously learned X. 

For example, the MC purchased a plot of land with a couple of grape vines, that obviously at one time was a winery.   Well, if thats the case, the MC should obviously know about wine, so they decided, that before she reincarnated, she also spent 2 years intering in a winery.   Bam, problem solved.  Except it happens repeately.  By the current chapter, we've realized that the MC was always superhuman, and learned more in 15 years then most people learn in a dozen lifetimes.

I do have to credit the author for one thing though.  When an obvious plothole is pointed out, the author will decide, oh, its foreshadowing, and write something to fix the plothole.  Explaining why characters act the way they do, or how they have this new power etc.  While its extremely off putting, at least the author goes out of their way to fix problems caused by their writing.

I don't really care for this type of writing.  If I was giving an advance review, for style I would mark this very low.  However despite this, I enjoyed the story.  I've always been a sucker for the young miss reincarnation type stories.  And the paralels between some of them, as well as a story like the Human Emperor are obvious.  

Overall, I enjoyed it, and plan to continue reading it.  Despite the problems it has.

Nanocultivation Chronicles: Trials of Lilijoy

So I need to add a qualifier to my review title.   It's slow.   Really, it's a slow paced story, with lots of depth, philosophy, and world building.  This is not really a good thing.   

However, I rather like slice-of-life stories and this one, with it's great depth and character development, really does a good job papering over the cracks caused by so much philosophy in the story.

Overall, it's a fun ride with entertaining characters, and an interesting story with some hints and undercurrents of deep darkness.   With two books in, we still don't really know who the MC is.   I'm looking forward to more. 


Seriously, Shakey Cam.  Thats what I thought when I read this story.  At the time I'm writing this, there are 42 chapters, and 226 pages.  This should give you an idea about chapter length.  Throw in the rapid pov shifts, sometimes several in one short chapter, and it feels like you're watching what would otherwise be an interesting movie, but unable to follow it due to how the camera is jerking around.

Additionally, there was a very large cast of characters.  So much so that you really don't care about anyone other then the MC.  I got to the point where I would start a chapter, see if the pov was the MC, if it was, I'd read it, otherwise I'd skip it, since it added nothing to the overall enjoyment of the story. 

Final point.  the chapter length.  You could easily compress the story into 10 chapters or less.  Doing so would make it a much better story.  When I saw a couple chapters that were 3 short paragraphs in length, I just skipped them.  Figuring it obviously isn't going to be anything critical to the story, since its just 3 paragraphs.  

The Devil in White: An Awakened Aspirations Online Series

I almost skipped this story.  The title is really dumb, the description terrible.  I only gave it a chance cause there were so many great reviews, despite the lack of followers.   Having done so, I am pleased to say, it deserves them.  In fact, the story should have 10x the number of followers.  

I like the description another reviewer suggested.  Quiet, peaceful girl, gets swept off on the most amazing VR adventure ever! 

I'm not going to spoil the story by giving an in depth review.  I'll only say, give this story a chance, you won't regret it.