carl mason

carl mason

Druidic Cultivation

This story is off to a nice start, it does have a few spelling and grammar errors per chapter, not offensive unless you are hyper sensitive to that type of thing like I am and the author does edit them when called out.

The story so far is quite well thought out and arranged, if "infantile" sounds harsher than I mean, it is fairly transparent and simple so far, then again it is just beginning. Keeps in line with the concept of many other cultivation novels, but adds an interesting twist.

The characters are reasonable for such young characters in such a young story. Their actions and motivations are well within reason and character.

On the whole, quite an enjoyable story.

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

The story is good, I have actually started rereading it between New chapter drops. It does take a few unexpected turns and have a couple random elements that you would not immediately associate with this type of story, though I go early enjoyed them far too much. For details on what to expect in that area look through the other reviews with an open mind.

spelling and grammar errors are considerable but not to an extent that they ruin readability. Characters are well written and deep, even if they don't get active development in the story itself. This story so far seems to cover the material of what would be several books on actual publication. 

Review as of chapter 552. And still enjoying it, just keep reading and let the author tell the story.

The Minotaur Paladin

Worth reading, a little light on chapter flesh at times (though not nearly as bad as some other stories that bounce around POV's and get nowhere). Interesting and original in terms of story direction, a heroic monster, who'da thunk it? Excited for the return to see where it goes. Review as of end of book 1.

Few and often quickly corrected spelling errors, thankfully.