1. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Listonia Online is a vrmmo story with a focus on the game mechanics and world building. The main character is a villian/antihero type and is using his future knowledge of the game to gain advantages over (...)

    2. Re: 4k Total views and top 5k ranking!

      as the title says, this weekend my Story broke the 4k total view threshold! not only that but it is now under 5000 rank! Im super happy about the milestones as I didn't really have any expectations (...)

    3. Re: How did you get here?

      long ago in the before time...... I had just finished reading everything that had been machine translated for the legendary moonlight sculptor. I started writing a fan fiction and posting it to the Japtem (...)

    4. Re: Returnee Says Hi!

      Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

    5. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      I just started My new fiction here called Listonia Online Synopsis: In the future, the biggest game that took the world by storm is Listonia Online, A full dive fantasy VRMMO. Jay is the foremost class (...)

    6. Re: Returnee Says Hi!

      Just thought I'd introduce myself as I don't think I ever did before. I created my account many years ago when I was writing a royal road fanfiction that I eventually dropped. It's still listed under my (...)