Love Crafted

It has tentacles, cuteness and Moe. Start reading now.

There's tentacles. There's loli. There's moe. There's cuteness and innocence on something that should not be innocent.


I couldn't describe a summon that went wronger than this one. It is wrong in all ways and probably overflowed on the negative to become something awesome.


Did I say it has tentacles? Fthang anyone? Yaya, R'leh Fthang? No, not that creature with a C. As the title says, it is a story about Love. And probably some Crafting somewhere.


The tentacles will show the way. The tentacles are truth. Stop reading this review and read the novel. You will be liberated, if only of your mortal coil. You dream. You sleep. Now you are cute and spread your tentacles. Read it.


Do you know about things humans should not know? You would if you read this. Everything is made better with tentacles.


Deep characters and setting

Jay Boyce brings a lightweight, deep, fresh, and real isekai story. The descriptions, scene, pacing and ambiance put the reader inside the setting as if it was natural. The character cast (a huge list) have depth and feel alive.

Now, this is a girly story. The MC is a girly girl, the POV keeps on her and there's rose-tinted lenses. Is this bad? Absolutely not. It is a design decision. Just like I won't expect slapstick comedy in a terror novel.

Is it too girly? Not for this male reader. Maybe it is not what the reader that stumbled upon this review wanted to read.


Full disclosure, I used Jay Boyce's work as a reference in making girl characters.

My Girlfriend, the Necromancer

Great story, great setting, weak POV holder

There are some reviews complaining about the long prologue, but in a web novel, aiming for the long run is not wrong. who cares about 20 chapter-long prologue if you are going to have a thousand chapters?

The world is crumbling and some "trials" to empower worthy people appeared. However, all of them are secret and most of them are sadistic deathmatches. Instead of starting after the apocalypse, this novel will show it happening.

That said, the setting is interesting, the premise enticing and the eponymous main character relatable and well-defined. A girl that fought for her place in a crumbling society, that will fight to the bitter and to defend her SO, Allie feels human.

The same cannot be said about the POV holder. So far (ch 21) we can't make heads or tails of what he is or wants and he is the POV of a 1st person narrative. This is the biggest flaw of this novel. He feels like a 3rd person limited most of the time. I can't feel inside his head.

But once more. This is a web novel. They have the marvelous habit of evolving and growing by leaps and bounds once the author gets the creative engine running. I bet 100k words that the POV holder will begin to make sense and get a lot better-defined after chapters 25 and onward.

I think it is worth the time to read it. It was worth my time. I can only wait for the novel to bloom into a spledid piece of pre-apocalyptical LitRPG.

The Scourged Earth

Awesome worldbuilding, well developed, realistic and deep characters, a well-thought litRPG system, no OP main character, a good progression, feelings and the end of the world as we knew it.


This is the best alien invasion novel I've ever read. How a reclusive junior IT network engineer is recruited into fighting for his planet and gets tangled in a deep web between incomprehensible inhuman alien invaders, equally incomprehensible inhuman "Helper System" and comprehensible, human and disgusting human politics that try to get the upper hand even in the face of global doom.

The protagonist is not a summoned hero with cheat powers. He is not a special snowflake. Everything he has he earned with blood and tears.

And this is what makes this novel worth reading.

We the People Are Good to Eat

Check seriousness at the lobby. Enjoy afterwards.

There is a post-apocalyptical society trapped inside an archology and they eat their dead to survive. Nobody was schooled in thermodynamics, so the fact that only the dead for food would not be enough to sustain a population is not questioned by the characters. People kill each other in high school to keep population controlled and to "harvest" more "food".


A twisted post-apocalyptical version of religions are presented, reader beware. I don't felt like it was criticism of real religions, just an element of worldbuilding.


All is well in their harvest gladiatorial weekly games (they hang a cheerleader of the losing team in the endgame ceremony, should point that) and it has been so for a thousand years.


Then someone refuses to remain "dead", and the card castle crumbles.


Characters: Clueless warrior society cannibal teenagers, naive to an extreme and ready to kill and die with their sexy death groan rehearsed. And since they are going to die anyway, they get birth control implants and you can figure out the rest.